WWE RAW Results – December 14, 2015

Stephanie McMahon Awaits Her Father’s Arrival

[Q4] Backstage, Stephanie McMahon was shown anxiously awaiting her father’s arrival and speaking to an unknown woman about it…

R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

We got the full R-Truth entrance. Dallas was doing a victory lap during the match when they cut backstage to show Vince McMahon arriving in his limo. Stephanie was there to greet him. She said let’s go do this. Vince told her to take care of her husband. “I’ll do this,” Vince said before doing his BMF walk. The cameras cut back to the match. Cole spoke about how R-Truth “loves to have fun.” Ugh.

Winner: No Contest

Vince McMahon Returns

Vince McMahon’s music played and the crowd popped as he walked onto the stage roughly 2:30 into the match.

Vince walked to ringside and grabbed a microphone. “Stop the match, get the hell out of my ring,” Vince told Bo and Truth. I love this man.

Vince said there was someone backstage who was sweating and wondering what it would be like when he stands in the presence of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He said he might as well be standing in the presence of God Almighty. Vince walked to ringside and took a seat in an office chair next to the broadcast team. Vince said Reigns is going to sweat a little bit more. They cut to break. [C]

After the break, Vince said, “Let the bastard sweat.” The crowd was pretty quiet at this point, aside from a giddy young boy in the front row, as he seemed to be the most excited person in the world about seeing Vince for some reason. Vince McMahon told Reigns to come out and take his medicine, then told him to get his ass out there. Reigns made his entrance via the stage and didn’t get much of a reaction, as the fans had already seen him once and the whole commercial break thing with Vince was odd. There were some cheers once his music stopped.

[Q5] Vince said he could tell that Reigns is intimidated and that’s okay. He said he has a certain presence about him that he can’t help. Vince said Reigns is standing in the ring, yet his son-in-law was back in Connecticut suffering. Vince told Reigns that before he makes up his mind, he wants him to apologize. Reigns shook his head no.

Vince said he knows what all of this means to Reigns. He said Reigns wants it. He told him to get down on his knees and apologize. Vince said there was a time when he would have beaten an apology out of Reigns. He asked Reigns if he thought that was funny. “You think I can’t do that right now?” Vince took his jacket off and started to undo his tie.

Sheamus’s music played and he walked onto the stage and said, “No, no, no, no.” Sheamus apologized to Vince for interrupting. He said Vince can take him, but he wants the pleasure of beating an apology out of him. Sheamus said no man should ever disrespect Vince or his family. The fans interrupted with “you look stupid” taunts. Sheamus said that on behalf of Vince’s family’s Irish coat of arms, he wanted to face Reigns tonight.

Sheamus teased putting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line. The crowd popped for that. Vince said he supposes Reigns would like that. He asked the fans if they want to see a championship match. Vince said the fans fall for it every freaking time. “It’s unbelievable,” he said. “Because there’s no chance in hell.” There was a vocal “asshole” chant.

“Why not, old man?” Reigns asked Vince. He said Vince talked about having grapefruits and apparently he has old, shriveled up prunes. He said Vince is 70 years-old and time has passed him by. Vince called him a son of a bitch and then told him he has his match. Vince said that if Reigns doesn’t become champion, then he’s fired. Vince offered Reigns a handshake, but then kicked him in the balls instead…

The broadcast team spoke about the situation and said that Reigns played to Vince’s manhood. They shifted to hyping the Team ECW vs. The Wyatt Family match… [C]

Alberto Del Rio & Rusev vs. Ryback & Jack Swagger

[6] The crowd was flat throughout most of the match. The fans did chant along with Swagger as he delivered the We The People line. In the end, Del Rio caught Swagger with a superkick, then legal man Rusev hit Swagger with his version of the kick and pinned him…

Winners: Alberto Del Rio & Rusev

Adam Rose’s “Rosebush” Segment

The Rosebush segment aired. Adam Rose spoke about Becky Lynch being concerned that Charlotte is becoming too much like her father. Rose said she needs 16 world titles, four marriages, four divorces, and multiple fortunes to win and lose before she is anything like her father. Rose went after Tommy Dreamer’s spray tan and this time worked in a shot at his bald spot…

Neville vs. Tyler Breeze

The Miz came out before the match and delivered a promo on his way to the ring. He sat in a director’s chair at ringside and barked “action” through a director’s megaphone and then the bell rang to start the match.

[Q7] With Breeze lying on the apron, Miz stood up and yelled cut and said that’s not what he wanted. Neville hit Breeze with a kick and then followed up with the Red Arrow for the win…

Winner: Neville