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WWE RAW Results – June 9, 2014

Daniel Bryan Stripped, MITB Announcement & Tonight’s Main Event

This week’s show from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota opens with no music or commentary, just Justin Roberts in the ring introducing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. “King of Kings” plays as The Authority makes their way to the ring. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and informs us about the promised “blockbuster announcement” scheduled for tonight.

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“It’s a good night to be right,” starts “The Game.” Stephanie says she’s likes that line. She talks about the “blockbuster announcement” as the Minneapolis fans get on her case with a loud “you suck” chant. Steph talks about the situation surrounding the title. She introduces a pre-taped segment from Dr. Joe Maroon, the doctor who performed on Daniel Bryan’s neck. He basically says Bryan won’t be ready in time for the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

Stephanie says you can’t expect an “A+ recovery from a B+ player.” The fans boo, but HHH tells them not to blame him. He says this isn’t the Daniel Bryan Fan Club, it’s a business. He says what’s best for business is a champion that can actually defend his title. Stephanie says it is with a heavy heart that they officially strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The fans all break out in “No!” chants.

Steph says this is the first time Bryan is hearing of this, so she apologizes. She also apologizes to Brie Bella for basically quitting for nothing since Bryan ended up getting stripped anyways. The Authority confirms that the Money In The Bank ladder match will be for the vacant title. She says there will be a series of qualifying matches to determine who will be in the match. The first entrant, which happened on SmackDown, was Alberto Del Rio (wasn’t that on RAW last week, not SmackDown?). HHH says the second person to enter is in just because he deserves it, and that is “The Viper” Randy Orton. HHH guarantees that at the Money In The Bank PPV, we will crown a new champ. Steph says “amen to that.”

HHH says it’s ironic that after pulling off the fluke of a lifetime at WrestleMania and all the fans wanted to rub it in their faces, it turns out they were right all along. He says Bryan simply isn’t championship material. He says Bryan isn’t even here tonight. HHH goes into a rant about his “adapt or perish” speech, as he talks about Seth Rollins adapting. As for The Shield, “well, look for yourself.” Highlights are shown from last week’s RAW of Rollins turning on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

After the video, HHH says, “I don’t know about all of you, but I believe in Seth Rollins.” He announces that Reigns and Ambrose will step into the ring in a six-man tag-team match against all three members of The Wyatt Family. He says he doubts Reigns and Ambrose can find a partner in a locker room full of people they demolished over the past several months. He says Rollins adapted and tonight The Shield will perish. “King of Kings” plays again as we are shown the WWE titles hanging above the ring. We head to commercial.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
– Bad News Barrett vs. Sheamus

When we return from commercial, the WWE United States Champion Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Out next is the WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett. Barrett cuts a “Bad News” promo on his way to the ring.

The bell sounds and here we go with our first official Money In The Bank qualifying match of the evening. Barrett gets the early lead in the match, but Sheamus ends up fighting back. Sheamus hits his big 10-forearm shots to Barrett on the apron. He goes for a big knee drop off the top rope, but Barrett moves and is now back in control of the match. Sheamus is knocked over the top and out to the floor as we head to a mid-match commercial.

We’re back from the break and we see Barrett choking Sheamus in the ring as Sheamus starts fighting back to his feet. Both guys end up hitting their semi-finishers for near falls. Sheamus goes for a big high spot onto the floor but misses. Barrett tries letting the ref count Sheamus out, but he makes it back into the ring at the count of nine.

Barrett calls for the Bad News Bull Hammer Elbow, but he misses and Sheamus counters with his White Noise for a close near fall. Barrett nearly gets himself DQ’d by refusing to stop beating on Sheamus, and then out of nowhere Sheamus rushes out of the corner and blasts Barrett with the Brogue Kick. 1-2-3. Sheamus advances to Money In The Bank.

Winner and advancing to the Money In The Bank ladder match: Sheamus

Backstage: Wyatt Family Promo

Backstage, we see the sheep mask. Then Luke Harper starts talking about urges. Bray Wyatt pops into the picture and takes over the promo. He talks about The Shield being victim of their own urges. He says tonight they will burn for it. Erick Rowan, behind the sheep mask, concludes the promo by saying “follow the buzzards.” We head to commercial.

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Zack Ryder

When we return from commercial, “The Ravishing Russian” Lana is introduced. She dresses down America and our leader, Barack Obama. A video is shown of Obama working out and looking kind of silly. Then she talks about Vladimir Putin. For whatever reason, Justin Roberts — not Lana — then introduced Rusev. Rusev cut a promo in Bulgarian and closed with one basic line in English. He and Lana make their way to the ring. They are carrying the medal they were presented last week. Already in the ring is Zack Ryder, Rusev’s opponent for tonight.

The bell rings and Rusev immediately goes to work on Ryder. Rusev blasts him with some headbutts and then slams him down to the mat. Ryder is back up and firing away with punches. Ryder hits a double-knee to the face spot on Rusev but Rusev immediately responds with a huge super kick. Lana tells Rusev to “crush” so Rusev obliges and applies The Accolade. Ryder taps out immediately.

Winner: Rusev

After The Match:

Rusev keeps beating on Ryder until Lana finally stops him. She puts the medal around his neck as his music plays. An explosion happens and then a giant Russian flag is lowered above the ring. We head to another commercial.

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