WWE RAW Results & Live Coverage (12/10)

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[live id=”fkjtd8″ data-sort-time=”1544488208426″]The December 10th edition of WWE RAW took place at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA.

– Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins comes out to kick off this week’s RAW. Rollins immediately calls out temporary RAW GM Baron Corbin, and Corbin comes out to the ring. Corbin starts speaking, but Rollins tells him to shut up and listen. Rollins tells Corbin that RAW has sucked under his leadership, and he uses the term leadership lightly. Corbin says he’s going to allow Rollins to vent, but Rollins cuts him off and says Corbin has no idea what to do with the talent on RAW. Rollins says a team like The Revival should be competing for the Tag Titles, but instead their fighting in a “lucha house match.” Rollins questions what a lucha house rules even is. Rollins talks about having four segments about urination with Drake Maverick, and sarcastically says that’s really “cutting edge.” Rollins continues to vent about the current state of RAW, and then says that their Universal Champion Brock Lesnar never shows up. Rollins says Brock hasn’t competed in a match on RAW since 2002. Rollins says the experiment with Baron Corbin has been a failure, and the tv ratings being at an all-time low is all because of Corbin. Corbin speaks up and says he’s here to stay, and it’s only going to get worse for a guy like Rollins. Corbin says that this Sunday, Dean Ambrose is going to beat Seth Rollins, and then he’s going to beat Braun Strowman by forfeit. Corbin talks about becoming permanent GM of RAW after he wins at TLC. Corbin threatens Rollins, and Rollins dares him to go one-on-one with him in the ring tonight. Rollins challenges Corbin to a TLC match tonight. Corbin tries to scare Rollins, but Rollins says Corbin would just be a tune-up for him for his match on Sunday. Corbin says his answer is no, and Rollins calls him a coward. Corbin says he has paperwork but Rollins keeps calling him a coward. Corbin finally gets mad and tells Rollins he’ll get his TLC match tonight, but that match will be for the IC Title. Rollins seems fine with that, and Corbin heads to the back.

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– Seth Rollins is backstage for an interview. Rollins is asked if he regrets calling our Baron Corbin. Rollins says maybe it’s not the smartest move to do a TLC match six days before his match against Ambrose, but if he wants to be a real champion and stick up for the guys and girls in the back, then he has to stand up to Corbin.

– The Authors of Pain & Drake Maverick (c) vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable: This one is a handicap match and the Tag Titles are on the line. Rezar and Akam trade frequent tags in the opening moments and they take control over Gable. Drake briefly tags in for a cheap shot on Gable, then he tags back out. Roode and Gable end up dumping Akam and Rezar out to ringside, then they pull Maverick into the ring and beat on him. They toss Maverick high into the air and out onto the AoP on the ringside. Back in the ring, Rezar turns things around and beats on Gable. Maverick tags in for some kicks to Gable. Roode and Akam get the tags and Roode cleans house. Rezar gets the tag and they double team Roode for a two count. Akam tags back in and they go for the super collider – they hit it on Roode, but Gable escapes. Rezar hits a big boot on Gable and they hit him with the powerbomb/neckbreaker double team. Drake Maverick demands that they tag him in so he can take the pin and the glory. Drake wastes some time, and Roode ends up rolling up Drake in the small package pin to steal the three count.

Winners & new Tag Team Champions: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable


[live id=”toh67y” data-sort-time=”1544492432028″]- Gable and Roode are backstage for an interview with their new Tag Team Titles. Roode says there hasn’t been much reason for hope on RAW lately, but they put in the work every day and every week and now they’re the RAW Tag Team Champions. Roode and Gable say winning in an handicap match against AoP seemed unlikely, but they feel glorious now. [/live]

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– Natalya is out in the ring, and get gets on the mic. Natalya cuts a promo on Ruby Riott for destroying her father’s sunglasses. She says Ruby thinks she was handed her career on a silver platter because of her last name. Natalya says she’s had to overcome a lot in her career, like the Montreal screwjob, where her uncle Bret punched out the boss Vince. Natalya says her match at TLC against Ruby Riott will be dedicated to her father, the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Ruby comes out to the stage to interrupt, and she says Natalya is whining in the ring. She says Natalya doesn’t represent the Harts, she disgraces them. Ruby unveils a table with a sticker of Jim Neidhart on it, and Ruby says she’s going to put Natalya through that table. Natalya looks upset in the ring as Ruby heads to the back.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Dolph Ziggler talking about beating Drew McIntyre last week. He says he’s not the good guy, he’s not the bad guy, he’s Dolph Ziggler.

– Still to come: Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre in a rematch from last week.


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– Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring for an interview. Drew talks about his performance in WWE, and tells the fans to shut up when he talks. Drew talks about thinking he’s better than everyone, and then Ziggler comes out to interrupt Their match is up next.

– Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre: Dolph starts off strong off the opening bell, but Drew slows him down with some punches to the face and chops to the chest. Drew takes Dolph up to the top rope and hits a super back suplex for the three count. Ziggler falls out to ringside and Drew follows. Ziggler fights back and they get back in the ring. Ziggler wants a superkick, but he’s too hurt and he collapses. Drew wastes some time taunting Dolph, and Ziggler comes back with a Zig Zag, and both men are down. They’re slow to get up, and Dolph looks for the superkick, but Drew strikes first with the Claymore Kick for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew throws Ziggler into the ring post and beats him down on the ringside floor. Referees pull of Drew, but he comes back and hits a running dropkick on Ziggler against the ring apron.

– Alicia Fox vs. Bayley: Sasha Banks, Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers are all at ringside to watch. The opening bell sounds and Bayley immediately charges Alicia in the corner and pummels on her. Sunil Singh gets on the apron for the distraction, but then Apollo Crews comes out and he takes out the Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal at ringside. Sasha helps Crews, and Crews throws Sasha into Jinder and the Singh Brothers on the floor. Back in the ring, Bayley hits the belly to belly suplex for the three count.

Winner: Bayley

– Dean Ambrose is shown backstage looking at a monitor showing a graphic promoting Rollins vs. Corbin tonight.



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– After the break, Ambrose does an interview and he criticizes Rollins’ nickname “the architect.” Ambrose says Rollins always stepped on him and Reigns, and he says rollins is a “piece of sh–” but he stops himself. Ambrose says on Sunday he’ll take Rollins’ title and tell him how he feels to his face. Ambrose says he doesn’t care what Roman Reigns would think about this. The interviewer tells Ambrose to watch a video montage about The Shield and their break-up, and asks for Ambrose’s thoughts. Ambrose declines to answer and just walks off.

– Elias is backstage warming up his guitar. We see a video package looking at Elias smashing a guitar over Bobby Lashley’s manager Lio Rush last week.


[live id=”3dmq1″ data-sort-time=”1544496130066″]- Elias is in the ring with his guitar and the spotlight on him. Elias says hitting children with a guitar is not at the top of his list, but lst week was an exception – in reference to hitting Lio Rush. Elias says he has a match with Lio tonight, and he’s going to teach him a lesson he should’ve learned a long time ago. Elias sings about how much he thinks Lashley sucks, and then Lashley’s music hits to interrupt. [/live]


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– Elias vs. Lio Rush: Heath Slater is the referee for this one, and Bobby Lashley is at ringside. Lio evades Elias’s early attempts at offense, but Elias finally gets a hold of him and and lays into him with strikes. Elias whips Lio into the corner hard, then Elias gets distracted with Lashley. Lio takes advantage of the distraction and gets in some offense. Elias catches Lio and hits a sit-down powerbomb. Elias pins, but Lashley runs in and beats on Elias to break up the pin. Slater doesn’t call for the DQ. Lashley gets in Heath’s face and then hits a spinebuster on Elias. Lashley helps Lio up, then Lio rolls outside and grabs Elias’ guitar from ringside. Lio throws the guitar in the ring and tells Lashley to hit him, and Lashley does smash the guitar over Elias’ back. Lio pins but Heath is hesitant to count. Heath finally gets down and counts the three.

Winner: Lio Rush


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– Back at the broadcast table, Renee Young says tonight should be called Monday Night Corbin because tonight has been all about Corbin and his buddies. We go to a replay of Rollins challenging Corbin to a TLC match tonight earlier in the show.

– Michael Cole talks about Ruby Riott emotionally attacking Natalya, then shows a replay of Ruby talking trash to Natalya earlier in the night.

– Heath Slater is backstage and he looks upset. Corbin walks in and tells Slater he did a great job tonight. Slater says he’s going home, but Corbin tells him he’s not because he has another match to referee tonight.

– Alexa Bliss comes out to the ring and she’s got a mic, but Nia Jax and Tamina immediately come out to interrupt. Nia tells Bliss to wait a minute because she has to make a statement. Nia says this Sunday she’s going to become the RAW Women’s Champion. Nia says getting punched in the UFC has done a number on her and she doesn’t have half a brain left. Nia talks about her size and weight, and breaking Becky Lynch’s face. Nia says she’s going to break free from Ronda’s armbar attempt, create distance, and break her face. Ronda Rousey comes out and hits the ring, and Nia and Tamina roll out to ringside. Nia and Tamina surround Rousey on opposite sides of the ring, but Ember Moon comes out and Nia and Tamina back off.



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– Tamina vs. Ember Moon: Rousey and Jax are at ringside for this one. Tamina controls the opening moments of this one, but Ember fights back and knocks Tamina out to ringside. Ember looks for a baseball slide kick, but Nia pulls Tamina to safety. Rousey and Nia almost get into it at ringside, but Nia backs off. Ember looks for a shot off the middle rope, but Tamina kicks her out of mid-air. Tamina applies a chin lock, and Ember finally fights out and kicks her into the corner. Ember follows up with more strikes, then she trips Tamina and hits a facebuster. Nia tries to get involved, but Rousey drops her. Ember hits the Eclipse off the top rope on Tamina for the three count.

Winner: Ember Moon

– Seth Rollins is shown backstage taping up his wrists for his match tonight.


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– Baron Corbin is backstage for an interview, and he is asked if his match against Rollins tonight is an abuse of power. Corbin says he doesn’t think it is, and he simply accepted Seth Rollins’ challenge. Corbin says he’s going to beat Braun by forfeit at TLC, so by not taking this match he’d be depriving the fans of seeing Corbin in a TLC match. Corbin says he’s not worried about rumors that Braun Strowman will show up at the TLC PPV.

– Michael Cole informs us that Elias vs. Lashley at TLC will have a guitar hanging above the ring.

– Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin: This one is a TLC match for Rollin’s IC Title, and Heath Slater is the referee. Corbin and Rollins trade strikes in the opening moments. Corbin looks for a suplex but Rollins fights out. Corbin dumps Rollins out to apron and then he gets in Slater’s face, and Slater steps out to ringside. Rollins comes flying off the top with a clothesline on Corbin, and Corbin rolls outside for a breather. Corbin brings a chair in the ring and repeatedly bashes it on Rollins. They fight out to ringside and Rollins fights back and drops Corbin, then he brings a ladder in the ring. Corbin comes in and fights back and drops Rollins with a clothesline. Corbin sets up the ladder but Rollins knocks him down. Rollins climbs up top and looks for a shot off the middle rope, but Corbin knocks him out of mid-air. Rollins comes back and repeatedly bashes a chair over Corbin. Corbin rolls outside and Rollins hits a dive on him, but when Rollins goes for a second dive, Corbin catches him and chokeslams Rollins through a table. Corbin gets back in the ring and starts climbing the ladder, but Rollins gets in and knocks him off. Rollins looks for a chair shot on Corbin, but Corbin ducks and Rollins accidentally hits Slater. Corbin throws Rollins outside and follows him out. Corbin looks for the Deep Six on the floor, but Rollins escapes and throws Corbin into the ring steps. Rollins boots Corbin in the face, then lays him on a table at ringside. Rollins goes up to the top rope, and hits a frogsplash off the top on Corbin through the table on the floor. Rollins gets back in the ring and starts climbing the ladder, but Heath Slater gets in the ring and it looks like he’s going to push over the ladder. Rollins yells at Slater, and Slater pushes the ladder over and Rollins crashes into the ropes. Slater helps Corbin get on the ring in his feet, and Corbin climbs the ladder. Rollins gets back in the ring and drops Slater, then he grabs Corbin off the ladder and powerbombs him through a table leaning in the corner. Rollins superkicks Slater, then he curb stomps Corbin. Rollins climbs the ladder and grabs his IC Title belt to win the match.

Winner & still Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins

– Dean Ambrose comes out to the stage and Rollins stares him down from the top of the ladder as RAW goes off the air.