WWE Releases Ultimate Deletion ‘Behind The Scenes’ Footage

WWE has released a short video on their official YouTube channel which shows some ‘behind the scenes’ footage from the ‘Ultimate Deletion’ shoot earlier this year.

In a promotional short for tonight’s ‘WWE 24: The Hardys: Woken’ former TNA/IMPACT Wrestling on screen personality and producer Jeremy Borash is shown describing the filming concept behind the Broken/Woken segments. One of the more interesting takes from the video includes this statement from Borash; “If it fits in TNA, great. If it doesn’t fit in TNA then we’ll take it somewhere else. Obviously it found the best home it could, to have the most eyeballs which is WWE.

One of WWE’s senior figures Michael Hayes is also present in the video, where he discusses the ‘drone’ portion of the original TNA concept with both Borash and Matt Hardy, claiming that “If we don’t do more than what you guys did we’ll all be in trouble” (alluding to Vince McMahon expecting ‘more’ than the original concept).

The WWE 24 Network special on the Hardys will be released tonight immediately following Money In The Bank. You can check out the preview video below: