WWE Reportedly Denied Luke Harper’s Request To Be Released In November

The latest fold in the exchange between Harper and WWE regarding his release

Luke Harper
Luke Harper (Photo Credit: WWE.com)

Luke Harper is currently sitting at home with no hope of being released from his contract anytime soon and as the time is passing, new details regarding his exchanges with WWE management is coming out.

We noted before how Harper wanted to leave the company but the management decided to keep him engaged because of his choice to go public with his request.

Now a latest report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter reveals that at one point Harper had even asked Vince McMahon if he could be freed from his deal in November when his contract was originally expected to expire.

However, he did not receive a response from the Boss and the former IC Champion was told to discuss his situation with Triple H instead.

The Observer notes that Triple H also didn’t respond to him. The company then made the decision to add 6 months to Harper’s contract for the time he missed due to his wrist injury and Luke was made aware of it in writing last month.

Though while the company is keeping him engaged, they appear to have no plans for Luke Harper and currently he is not booked for any future events of the promotion.

By the looks of it, it appears that the Officials will pay him to sit at home for the remainder of his deal and he will only be freed when his contract expires sometime around April next year.