WWE Reportedly Make Kenny Omega a “Fantastic offer”

Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega (Photo by NJPW/Getty Images)

The IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega will be defending his title in just a few hours time at Wrestle Kingdom. The Champion has had a fairly mixed run with the belt but is still considered one of the premier performers in New Japan and the world scene.

According to the Wrestling Observer this hasn’t gone unnoticed at WWE. Dave Meltzer has said that WWE have made a “Fantastic offer” to Omega. It’s not clear what that means monetarily but WWE do have some firepower when it comes to contract negotiations. The company will be wanting to boost their roster with the upcoming move to FOX and the multi billion dollar deal that they signed, even if that means potentially bolstering the likes of NXT.

With All Elite Wrestling also getting off the ground there is a good chance that Omega winds up there. Omega is of course very close with The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, he could be a huge asset in helping to promote the new venture going forward. With NJPW also looking to further expand into ‘the west’ they will not be wanting to lose one of their biggest stars, so there could be some interesting developments in the coming weeks.