WWE Reportedly Offering Matt Hardy A Position In NXT To Stay

WWE is making an interesting play to stop Matt Hardy from leaving the company

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Losing Matt Hardy in the current environment would be a big loss for WWE and it appears that the officials of the company also realize this as they are offering all kinds of perks to the former Champion to stay, including a position in NXT.

Mike Johnson talked about Hardy’s status on the latest episode of PWInsider Elite Audio and reported that the company has made a lot of “overtures to him” in recent times.

The Wrestling Journalist then revealed a very interesting possibility. He said that there have been talks of the Broken One working in the NXT system somehow, noting that his gut feeling is that Hardy will stay:

“I know that WWE has made a lot of overtures to him in the last couple of weeks. There’s been some talk of him working in the NXT system somehow. My gut feeling is that Matt Hardy will probably stay.”

Matt Hardy’s current WWE contract is set to expire very soon and if he doesn’t re-sign with the company then he is expected to become a free agent this Sunday on March 1.

WWE offered him an increased pay to stay with the company but Matt is looking for creative control over his character which has been stopping him from signing a new contract with the prmotion so far.