WWE SmackDown Results (5/29): Jeff Hardy Arrested, IC Title Tournament

Jeff Hardy (Photo: WWE.com)

The May 29th episode of WWE SmackDown aired from the Performance Center in Orlando. Jeff Hardy & Elias were both removed from the IC Title tournament after a hit & run segment to open tonight’s show.

SmackDown Results (5/29)

  1. Sheamus won a Battle Royal to get back in the IC Title Tournament
  2. Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville ended in a double countout
  3. Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss
  4. Shorty G def. Cesaro
  5. Daniel Bryan def. Sheamus to advance to the finals of the IC Title Tournament

In addition to the takeaways below, Kurt Angle officially announced that Matt Riddle was coming to SmackDown.

Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s show:

5Someone Hit Elias With A Car

WWE SmackDown kicked off with a hit and run angle on Elias. The car belonged to Jeff Hardy and the person seen leaving the car was wearing a black shirt and pants. Kayla Braxton then interviewed Universal Champion Braun Strowman as a witness. Strowman stated that they need to catch the son of a bitch that did this because it was ridiculous.

The “police officers” were then shown grabbing Jeff Hardy out of the bushes. Hardy complained that his head was killing him as the officers said Jeff smelled like alcohol. Jeff stated that he had not been drinking and grabbed his head in pain. They then put handcuffs on Jeff Hardy as Jamie Noble tried to calm Jeff down.

Renee Young said that Jeff appeared to be drunk and the rental car was in his name. Hardy started freaking out as Elias was being loaded into the ambulance.

The superstars then argued backstage about who would replace Elias and Jeff Hardy in the tournament. AJ Styles demanded a free ride to the finals of the tournament and was given it. Daniel Bryan didn’t take the cowardly way about and it was announced that a Battle Royal will go down to determine Bryan’s opponent in the tournament tonight.

Opinion: I saw tons of people complaining about this angle because they are using Jeff Hardy’s substance abuse issues in the past and thought that was low. I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t need my wrestling storylines to be politically correct. I just want them to be entertaining and this has my interest. I cannot imagine getting offended by an obviously ridiculous wrestling angle.

Someone set Jeff up (likely Sheamus) and it will make for compelling television. The storyline isn’t going to end at Jeff Hardy being guilty of drunk driving. Any wrestling or WWE fan knows that. This is one of the only interesting storylines WWE has done in a while and people instantly bashed it.

I’ve always longed for the days of the Attitude Era and this reminded me of it. The only offensive thing in WWE has been their lack of creativity as of late but this certainly wasn’t an example of that.