Sunday, November 29, 2020

WWE SmackDown Results (9/18): Samoan Street Fight, Bayley Attacks Sasha Banks

Reigns & Jey Uso Won The Samoan Street Fight

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman came down to the ring before the main event. Reigns said that he came out first because this is his yard, his ring, and his WWE. Reigns challenged anyone to come and try to take it from him. Reigns and Jey Uso battled King Corbin and Sheamus in a Samoan Street Fight.

Match Recap: Reigns launched King Corbin over the top rope and then battled with Sheamus outside the ring. Corbin planted Jey with a Deep Six and rolled Roman back into the ring. Corbin grabbed a steel chair but Reigns caught him with a kick to the face.

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Roman unloaded on Corbin with several chair shots and grabbed a table from under the ring. Sheamus came out of nowhere and hit Reigns with a running knee to the face. Sheamus and Corbin sent Roman Reigns over the announce table and then brought a table into the ring.

Corbin hit Jey with several right hands to the face and then set up the table. Sheamus and Corbin Powerbombed Jey through the table but Uso somehow kicked out at two. Reigns launched an office chair at Corbin but turned around into a Clothesline from Sheamus.

Sheamus cleared off the announce table and brought Reigns on top of it. Sheamus went for White Noise but Roman escaped and hit Sheamus with a low blow. Reigns then hit Sheamus with a Samoan Drop but the table didn’t break. Roman launched Corbin into the ring post and then Speared Sheamus through the barricade.

Corbin launched Jey into the timekeeper’s area but he quickly got back up. Jey hit Corbin with the Universal Championship and Reigns followed it up with a Spear. Jey connected with a Frog Splash for the pinfall victory. After the match, Jey grabbed the Universal Championship and took a look at it. Jey made it seem like he was going to pose with it but just handed it back to Reigns. Roman chuckled and shared a hug with Jey. Roman and Heyman stared at Jey as he celebrated on the ramp to close the show.

Opinion: The first hour of SmackDown was bad but I thought it second half of the show was good. Sasha Banks’ promo was excellent and I find the Reigns and Jey storyline compelling. Roman Reigns as a heel has been awesome so far.

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