WWE Starrcade 2019 Recap & Results

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WWE Starrcade 2019 was at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia tonight. An hour of the show aired live on the WWE Network.

Ric Flair Joined The Kevin Owens Show

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Ric Flair joined the Kevin Owens Show tonight at WWE Starrcade. Flair got a great reaction from the crowd as he made his way down to the ring. Ric stated that he was very thrilled to see his daughter in WWE.

Flair added that WWE is a family and thanked Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Sting. Ric added that there are thirty people behind the curtain that want to come out here and show that they are the best.

Owens told Flair that they wanted to prove that they were the best because of Flair’s legacy of creating special moments. Kevin asked Ric Flair to give the crowd a “woo!” and Flair obliged.

Ric asked Owens to do one with him and the crowd shouted “woo!” as well. Gallows and Anderson interrupted and claimed that they are the best “mother loving” tag team in the world.

Kevin poked fun at Gallows and Anderson being bald as Flair exited the ring. Anderson suggested that the rest of the show should just be OC highlights. Street Profits joined the party and had a tag team match with Gallows & Anderson as Flair was ringside.

The OC dominated early and went for the Magic Killer but Monez Ford broke it up. Dawkins planted Anderson with a Spinebuster and tagged Monez in. Ford connected with a Frog Splash off the top rope for the pinfall victory.

The Kabuki Warriors Retained The Women’s Tag Team Championships

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The Kabuki Warriors (Kairi Sane & Asuka) put the Women’s Tag Team Championships on the line against Becky Lynch & Charlotte, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, and Bayley & Sasha Banks in a Fatal 4-Way match tonight.

Nikki Cross and Kairi Sane started off the match. Bayley and Charlotte then quickly tagged in and circled each other. Asuka tagged herself in and locked up with Flair in the middle of the ring. Asuka connected with a kick to the midsection but Charlotte shrugged it off and threw Asuka across the ring.

Charlotte hit a few chops and followed it up with a Fallaway Slam. Sasha Banks tagged herself in and continued to beat Asuka down. Cross tagged in and rolled up Banks for a two count. Nikki hit a Dropkick and then tagged in Bliss.

Alexa slapped Banks in the face and then tagged Nikki right back in. Cross went for a Bulldog but Banks blocked it and tagged in the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bayley stomped on Nikki in the corner but Lynch was able to tag in. Lynch booted Bayley in the ribs and followed it up with an Arm Drag.

Becky applied an Arm Bar in the middle of the ring but Bayley escaped and slammed Lynch to the canvas. Banks tagged in and bounced Becky’s face off the top turnbuckle.

Bliss and Bayley tagged in and Alexa hit a Dropkick. Kairi hit Bliss with a Dropkick and followed it up with a Double Stomp for a near fall. Sasha tagged in and hit Bliss with a Suplex for a near fall. Bayley tagged in and Alexa rolled her up for a near fall.

Asuka tagged herself in and and booted Alexa in the midsection. Bliss leveled Asuka with a right hand to the face and then Sane and Lynch tagged in. Becky hit an Exploder Suplex and delivered another one to Banks. Lynch hit Asuka and Sane with a DDT and followed it up with a Leg Drop to Sane.

Nikki tagged in and hit the Kabuki Warriors with a Crossbody. Cross planted Asuka with a Swinging Neckbeaker. Asuka hit Lynch with a German Suplex and Kairi followed it up with the Insane Elbow. Charlotte then hit the Kabuki Warriors with a Spear.

Charlotte went for another Spear but Cross got out of the way and Flair hit the turnbuckle. Asuka then applied the Asuka Lock on Nikki Cross for the submission victory. The Kabuki Warriors are still the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Rusev Attacked Lashley

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Lana cut a promo and said she is excited about the holiday season because she has a hot boyfriend. Lana added that she feels blessed to have found someone that appreciates her, unlike her soon to be ex-husband Rusev.

The crowd chanted “Rusev Day!” and Lana told the crowd to shut up. Lana announced that there will be no Last Man Standing match tonight because she filed a restraining order against Rusev. Lana claimed that Rusev Day is canceled and that they will gladly take the victory via forfeit.

Kevin Owens interrupted and said they are not going to end this show with Lana and Lashley. Owens told Bobby and Lana that nobody cares about their stupid relationship. Lana told Bobby to ignore Owens and Kevin joked how Lana has been ignoring her Russian accent that she has had for five years.

Lashley challenged Owens to a match and Kevin accepted. Owens hit Lashley with two Superkicks and followed it up with a Cannonball in the corner of the ring. Owens went for the Stunner but Bobby rolled out of the ring. Owens went out after him and bounced his face off the apron.

Owens hit another Cannonball off the apron and waved to Lana. Lashley tripped up Owens on the apron and then slammed him into the ring post. Bobby rolled Owens back into the ring and stomped on him. Bobby connected with a Flatliner and went for the cover but Owens kicked out at two.

Owens hit a couple of chops but Lashley knocked him back down to the canvas. Bobby charged at Owens in the corner but Kevin got out of the way. Lashley and Owens battled on the top rope and Kevin connected with a headbutt. Owens hit a Senton and followed it up with a Frog Splash off the top rope for a two count.

Kevin hit the Stunner and went for the cover but Lana distracted the referee. Lashley planted Owens with a Spinebuster for a near fall. Lana slid a steel chair into the ring but Rusev sprinted into the ring from the crowd. Rusev beat the hell out of Lashley in the corner and then leveled Bobby with a Clothesline.

Rusev sent Lashley into the ring post and threw him over the barricade. Rusev hit Lashley with a trash can and then the action returned to the ringside area. Bobby threw Rusev into the steel steps and rolled him in the ring. Rusev battled back and grabbed the chair. Rusev hit Lashley in the ribs and then the back with the chair. Rusev knocked Lashley out of the ring with the Machka Kick as the crowd chanted “Rusev Day!”.

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