WWE Stomping Grounds Draws Lowest PPV Buys In Current Era

The bad news continues for WWE with Stomping Ground buying figures

WWE Stomping Grounds
WWE Stomping Grounds

We noted before how Stomping Grounds had a record low figure of Live Attendance and it appears that the bad news regarding the PPV for WWE Officials is not stopping there.

While WWE has shifted towards a subscription-based model for their PPVs with WWE Network, there are still people who buy their special shows the traditional way.

And according to Wrestling Observer Radio, the numbers of the PPV buys which estimate to be around 10% of the total viewership were also record low.

Per Observer, the PPVs in the current Era do around 15,000-16,000 buys on average with some bigger events drawing 20,000 or more buys. The WrestleMania 35 was an exception to this rule and the event garnered over 100,000 buys this past April.

However, Stomping Grounds’ numbers were nowhere near this average and the show did an estimated 9,800 pay-per-view buys in US. The previous record for low buys is believed to be 11,000 for the recent Super Showdown event from Saudi Arabia.

We noted before how there wasn’t a lot of local interest for the event either and the show only managed to attract a paid audience of about 4500, which is one of the lowest turnouts for any WWE PPV event.

For comparison, the recent Double Or Nothing event from AEW did 98,000 buys which puts it above any other non-WWE and non-WCW wrestling event except for ECW Heat Wave PPV in 1999, which did 99,000 buys.

We’ll have to see whether the involvement of the Undertaker is able to help these numbers for the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV.

Though one thing which is sure is that the interest is at all time low for WWE Programming and major change in the creative process is required if the company wants to see some steady increase.