WWE Super Show-Down Predictions

WWE Super Show-Down takes place on Saturday morning from Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The card for the first-ever event in Super Show-Down chronology is loaded from top-to-bottom with big matches featuring the best talents from RAW and SmackDown Live.

The main event for Saturday morning’s big event is The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a match that WWE is billing as the “Last Time Ever” these two wrestling legends will meet inside the squared circle. Other headline bouts include John Cena and Bobby Lashley teaming up to take on Kevin Owens and Elias in tag-team action, Daniel Bryan and The Miz will square off to determine the next challenger to the WWE Championship, The Shield will take on the trio of Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre in a men’s six-man tag-team bout, while RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey teams up with The Bella Twins to take on The Riott Squad in six-woman tag-team action. Additionally, A.J. Styles will defend his WWE Championship against Samoa Joe again, however this time their match will be contested under No Disqualification and No Count-Out rules.

SEScoops staff writers Ian Carey, Andrew Ravens and Lesly Sincere have prepared their predictions for each of the matches scheduled for Saturday morning’s big event, which kicks off at 5am EST. on the WWE Network. Without further adieu, here are our predictions for WWE Super Show-Down.

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

Ian Carey: This one all depends on how off-track the company went to give Lynch the title in the first place. The “rumors and innuendo” as Conrad Thompson puts it are stating Vince McMahon sees Lynch as someone who has taken the ball and run with it. If that’s the case, I expect Vince to let her keep running with it. (Prediction: Becky Lynch)

Andrew Ravens: There’s really no reason for Flair to win the title back and even betting odds show that as it makes no sense. Lynch has been doing a great job in this feud and as a heel. Best work in her career on the main roster by a longshot. Lynch retains with this program finishing up at Evolution next month. (Prediction: Becky Lynch)

Lesly Sincere: This might be the match that might steal the show. Just like Asuka vs. Charlotte at WM 34 this match has a grand stage feel where the story is actually interesting. Taking off the strap off of Becky is too early and she’s too hot. I call Becky on this one. (Prediction: Becky Lynch)


Asuka & Naomi vs. The Ilconics

Ian: As this isn’t a key match in any major storyline, it’s a chance to let the Iiconics get a win in Australia. It’ll be good for WWE’s popularity there, especially considering they made the bizarre decision to cut Tenille Dashwood last year. (Prediction: The Ilconics)

Andrew: If this was in any other country but Australia, I would have Asuka and Naomi win here, but it’s not. Yes, WWE does handle hometown stars in a weird way by having them historically lose, but this is a different situation. Asuka and Naomi have been booked as comedy figures as of late. With that being said, it doesn’t hurt them to lose. (Prediction: The Ilconics)

Lesly: Sort of a throw away in my opinion. Both Asuka and Naomi weren’t doing anything on Smackdown so they paired them up to beat the IIconics. I’ll say Asuka and Naomi just so that the faces have a win that day. (Prediction: Asuka & Naomi)


SmackDown Tag-Team Championship: The New Day vs. The Bar

Ian: I don’t see the Bar having enough hype around them right now to get a tag-team title run out of it. New Day should retain here. (Prediction: The New Day)

Andrew: This should be a pretty good match as these teams have worked with each other quite a bit in recent years. Although it’s a nice change to see WWE using Cesaro and Sheamus on TV once again after being moved to SmackDown earlier this year, it makes no sense to have New Day drop the straps here as they are an entertaining group that has earned a lengthy title reign. (Prediction: The New Day)

Lesly: With Kofi Kingston record-breaking tag team title record in the books, I see The Bar taking the titles off New Day just because they want to keep this tag team feud going until Eric Rowan returns. (Prediction: The Bar)


WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy

Ian: Last time these two met was in Cedric Alexander’s hometown. Alexander successfully defended in his Cruiserweight Championship against Murphy that night but I’m predicting things go very different in Murphy’s hometown of Melbourne this weekend. Murphy gets the win and the rubber match between the two takes place Survivor Series or Crown Jewel. (Prediction: Buddy Murphy)

Andrew: I can’t say enough good things with not only how WWE has handled booking him but the job that Alexander has done as champ. The fans take him seriously as the champion even though they may not take the brand as a top show. Murphy is also someone who has reinvented himself on this show. Although Alexander has held the title for the majority of this year, I don’t see a reason to take the strap off of him at this stage unless they just want a surprise and have a hometown star win. (Prediction: Cedric Alexander)

Lesly: According to reports, Cedric Alexander is undefeated this year. Let’s keep this streak alive and have him win at the Super Show-Down. (Prediction: Cedric Alexander)


WWE Championship: A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe (No DQ, No Count-Out)

Ian: Joe might be more popular than you think here. Here’s a somewhat interesting fact. Joe is the second wrestler with his name to have a big match in the area. Joseph Afamasaga wrestled as “Samoan Joe” in Australia throughout the 70s and 80s. Anyway, I don’t think Samoa Joe will have much luck on Saturday. If Styles was going to lose the belt between now and the build to next WrestleMania, he would have lost it to Nakamura. (Prediction: A.J. Styles)

Andrew: Samoa Joe wins his first WWE Title. Okay, so maybe a little more than just that. So, it’s long overdue. Styles has had a great run as WWE Champion but it’s time for a change, and it happens here. Joe has been a good heel and counterpart for the babyface in Styles. He has gotten into the head of the champ, and with that, he wins his first WWE Title here. (Prediction: Samoa Joe)

Lesly: Kind o a tough choice. While I want Joe to win to get a new face for the championship, I think WWE’s safe bet is going with A.J. Styles. Joe has been hurt already and missed two WrestleMania’s. Making him champ and running the vigorous champion schedule (I.E, morning talk shows, interviews, appearances) may be too much for the guy and cause him to get injured again. A.J. for the win I guess. (Prediction: A.J. Styles)


Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad

Ian: The Riott Squad will win and this will cause a rift between Rousey and the Bellas, leading to Nikki vs Ronda at Evolution. (Prediction: The Riott Squad)

Andrew: The easiest pick of the whole card. Not only do you have Rousey here who will obviously win every match she’s involved in up to the point that WWE decides to have her suffer her first loss, which I hope she handles better than she did in the UFC. You also have The Bellas, and with WWE hinting at a Nikki vs. Rousey match at a later date, the babyfaces go over. (Prediction: Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins)

Lesly: The Faces win. Enough said. (Prediction: Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins)


The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Ian: At some point, a member of the Shield is turning on the other two. It won’t be Roman and it’s already been Rollins, so it will be Dean Ambrose. They’ve built up the idea that he will turn so much, however, that it would seem almost too easy for them to go that route. I don’t expect the Shield to breakup for at least another few months. They should get the win here but there could also be some dissension teased. (Prediction: The Shield)

Andrew: This has been the top feud on the RAW brand for several weeks now with the hope that it’s the blow-off match involving all of these superstars. Although I could see WWE going for a shocking finish with having the heels go over, Roman Reigns is involved and by now, we should all know that Vince McMahon likes to keep him strong. (Prediction: The Shield)

Lesly: Hard to call this one too. We could see Dean Ambrose turn on the Shield and Strowman’s team win, but McIntryre could turn on his teammates and cause them to lose. Since we already saw a betrayal among The Shield once already, I say that the Shield wins and McIntyre breaks off from Ziggler and Strowman begins his single career on Raw. (Prediction: The Shield)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, The Shield

No. 1 Contender: The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Ian: Daniel Bryan has to win this match. He lost at Summerslam and it would set up a truly epic AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan WWE Championship match. We could get that match in Saudi Arabia next month. Expect Maryse and Brie to get involved because they certainly won’t be able to at Crown Jewel. (Prediction: Daniel Bryan)

Andrew: An interesting match that really could see either guy win and it makes sense. Although I don’t see this being the final match between these two as there is more story to tell. I have to wonder what does Bryan winning this match do anything for him? In this story, Bryan needs someone to chase and that’s The Miz. Thus, Miz cheats his way to victory. (Prediction: The Miz)

Lesly: Miz is busy with reality T.V. and other projects and Bryan is on constant watch for concussions. I’ll say Bryan wins this match but gets screwed by The Miz in a title bout with A.J. Styles in the near future. (Prediction: Daniel Bryan)


John Cena & Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens & Elias

Ian: Bobby Lashley hasn’t gone heel yet but he does seem to have hired a heel manager. This sends the message to me that Lashley will be going heel along with him and likely taking out John Cena in the process. I’m predicting KO and Elias get the win here, leading to a Cena vs Lashley w/ Lio Rush program. (Prediction: Kevin Owens & Elias)

Andrew: This is a match that really doesn’t mean anything for either the winners or losers here. With Cena only being on a part-time schedule, he has to go over right? There is nothing for him to revenge at least this stage of his career unless booked for other events, which he’s not. Plus, a loss here doesn’t hurt Owens or Elias. Heck, WWE probably won’t even mention it on TV going forward. Cena and Lashley win. (Prediction: John Cena & Bobby Lashley)

Lesly: John Cena returning back on WWE T.V.? Of course he and Lashley have to win. CAUSE HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!! (Prediction: John Cena & Bobby Lashley)


Last Time Ever: The Undertaker (w/ Kane) vs. Triple H (w/ HBK)

Ian: The Undertaker should take the win here to send the 70,000 plus fans home happy. In the process, however, something could occur which encourages Shawn Michaels to come out of retirement. (Prediction: The Undertaker)

Andrew: Although they haven’t wrestled each other in years, the in-ring action won’t be great but the sociology of this contest will be on a different level. Especially since WWE decided to have Kane and Shawn Michaels at ringside. This story tells a different tale as it doesn’t really matter who wins the match but rather what comes after it considering the rumors that have been going around online. Taker wins this match but there is more to come from these four legends. (Prediction: The Undertaker)

Lesly: Another hard one. If it were just Taker and HHH it would be easier to predict but I don’t think there’s going to be a clean finish here. I say Shawn screws Undertaker, causing HHH to win. That way we can have a Taker and Shawn match in the future. (Prediction: Triple H)


What do the experts think is going to happen on Saturday morning? Check out the official WWE Super Show-Down betting odds. What do you think of the above WWE Super Show-Down predictions? Let us know by sounding off in the Comments section below.

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