WWE Superstar Teases Desire To Reunite With The Club

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows recently reformed The Balor Club in WWE.  As one of the leading groups in NJPW, The [Balor] Club will be looking to dominate the RAW locker room, in the same way that The Shield has done in the past.

While The Balor Club already houses a formidable offense, another WWE superstar wants to join and expand the reunion, creating what could be the most lethal group in WWE.

In an interview with IGN News, AJ Styles has described his admiration towards the newly reformed group on RAW.

Styles explained that the combination of Balor, Anderson and Gallows is special and unique because they were the three original founders of The Club back in NJPW.  Even though AJ Styles got the chance to part of The Club in WWE when he first arrived, he expressed a desire and interest to be part of something even more special with Finn Balor.

Unfortunately, AJ Styles added in some realism into the interview as he explained that nothing is in the pipe-line at the moment with him on SmackDown Live and The Balor Club on RAW.  However he is also very optimistic about making something happen in the future.


Does the use of The Club in WWE cross too many boundaries between companies?  Or perhaps it’s perfect for NJPW who would welcome US fans that want to find out more?