WWE Superstars Predict Super Bowl, 4 Things The Undertaker Hasn’t Accomplished, Who Is The Tom Brady Of The WWE?

The WWE uploaded a video to their YouTube channel of Superstars making their predictions for the Super Bowl. Nikki Bella, Kofi Kingston, Mojo Rawley and Sasha Banks picked the New England Patriots. Xavier Woods, Titus O’Neil, AJ Styles and The Miz picked the Atlanta Falcons.

The WWE posted another video entitled 4 things The Undertaker hasn’t accomplished yet. The four thing are have a match in NXT, defeat Vince McMahon, win the Intercontinental Championship or win an Iron Man match.

WWE.com is currently running a poll of which Superstar would you consdier be the WWE equivalent to Tom Brady (multiple titles, one of the greatest ever, polarizing among fans). 61% of the vote so far has gone to John Cena. Triple H and “Other” are tied with 15%. Roman Reigns is currently in last place with 9% of the vote. If you’d like to vote, click here.