WWE Superstars React To Kofi Kingston’s SmackDown Performance

Kofi Kingston stole the show on this week's SmackDown Live. His performance has received a lot of attention from his peers.

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

Unsurprisingly, Kofi Kingston’s Herculean effort hasn’t gone unnoticed by the WWE Universe. It also, rightfully, garnered a lot of attention from his peers backstage.

If you happened to miss it, Kofi Kingston was revealed to be New Day’s elected member to replace the injured Mustafa Ali. He would go on to compete in a gauntlet match for the main event of this week’s SmackDown Live. Kofi would valiantly battle through, surviving Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe. He would then be eliminated by AJ Styles — but only after a further assault by Samoa Joe.

It would be Randy Orton, however, who would come out the victor of the gauntlet match.

Superstar Reactions

His stellar performance has been getting a lot of kudos from other WWE Superstars including Kevin Owens, Samy Zayn, and Big E to name a few.

Kofi would Tweet out himself looking towards this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. Despite not coming away with the win on Tuesday, there’s an undeniable amount of interest and momentum now behind him.

“As we stare unto the horizon and observe the perils that lie ahead, we step forward, towards the danger…and we fight. Because we just do not know any other way. See you Sunday. #EliminationChamber”

New Day stablemate, Big E, wrote:

“Sometimes you forget the dude you’ve goofed off with for the last 4+ years is a legend. Putting in an actual hour against (and DEFEATING) world champs & future HOFers was awe inspiring & humbling. Last night was one we will never forget.”

What did you make of Kofi’s performance? Do you think he could walk away with the WWE Champion on Sunday?