WWE Superstars Reportedly Not Aware Who The SmackDown Hacker Is

SmackDown Hacker
SmackDown Hacker

WWE Superstar Mandy Rose recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The SmackDown Superstar would discuss a number of topics from her recent career with the company. These would include the red-hot storyline involving her and Otis, Becky Lynch now leaving the company and what it is like pitching directly to Vince McMahon.

One of the points raised was the SmackDown Hacker, a character that has been a recurring part of the blue brand over the past few months.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

The first major plot point that the Hacker revealed was that Sonya Deville had betrayed Mandy Rose, thus leading to their eventual feud and the continuation of the Mandy/Otis storyline. With the Hacker being such an important part of said storyline many believed that it would be someone linked to the aforementioned Superstars…but it isn’t that clear.

The SmackDown Hacker appears to be targeting a number of Superstars on the Friday Night show. Interestingly, Mandy Rose and at least one other SmackDown Superstar have no idea who the person is behind the Hacker gimmick.

“My prediction? To be honest, I have no idea” Mandy Rose revealed on Gorilla Position, confirming that she has no clue who the mystery Hacker is. “But the voice sounds very…actually it’s funny.”


Mandy Rose would then talk about who she feels the actual cadence and tone of the Hacker sounds like. “The Miz was walking by the other day and he thinks the voice sounds like Maryse. I was like ‘wow I didn’t think of that!’ Like ‘oh my god is it Maryse!? I know you’re like joking but, um, it kind of does!’ I’m kind of happy I’m not gonna lie, because it exposed Sonia and Dolph [Ziggler]. But no I have no idea. I do not know who the hacker is.”

We’ve seen this sort of storyline play out in WWE in the few decades, and there’s always a chance that the company themselves are not sure who to use in that Hacker position right now. There has been speculation that CM Punk is behind the gimmick, but he continues to deny any involvement with WWE beyond his role on WWE Backstage.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville
Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Image Credit: WWE.com

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