WWE Teasing Women’s Tag Team Championships

The rumors of WWE possibly introducing a Women’s Tag Team titles has been a hot topic of discussion in the past few months and now the company itself is teasing the same.

As seen on SmackDown Live two weeks ago, Paige was introduced as the new General Manager for the show. After this, the company published an article on 5 decisions the former Diva’s Champion should make as the GM.

The list includes points such as announcing the return of Talking Smack and more, but the most interesting point which also tops the article is the introduction of a Women’s Tag Team Championship on the Blue Brand:

“With so many hurdles having already been crossed in the Women’s Evolution, it’s a natural inclination to begin to wonder what is next. In her new position as General Manager, Paige could be the facilitator for an entire new wrinkle in the makeup of the SmackDown Women’s division by introducing Women’s Tag Team Titles”

What’s interesting to note here is that soon after this article was published, Nikki Bella teased the return of the Bella Twins and then the company made another post about the Most Dominant Female Duos in the history of the promotion.

While none of this is a confirmation that the rumored Championships will actually be introduced soon, the timing of all these incidents has surely fuelled the already burning fire and now it’d be interesting to see if the company follows these teases with an actual announcement.