WWE Worked With Impact Wrestling For Upcoming Project

While the Hardy Boyz gained the majority of their fame while working for WWE, their stint with Impact Wrestling cannot be forgotten especially the work they did as ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy and Brother Nero.

Their bizarre gimmicks garnered a lot of attention when they were first introduced in 2016 and the interest of fans is one of the main reasons why WWE introduced their own version of the Broken Universe on their programming a few months ago.

Although while the company spent time in developing the character on their TV, the saga of the Broken Gimmick is incomplete without telling the story of its origin in Impact Wrestling and it appears that the WWE Officials also believe the same.

WWE Home Video UK recently announced that they have worked with Impact Wrestling for an upcoming Hardy Boyz DVD and for the first time ever a WWE release will feature footage from Impact:

“We can exclusively reveal that WWE has worked with Impact Wrestling on Twist of Fate: Best of the Hardy Boyz. For the first time ever, a WWE DVD release will feature footage from Impact, as part of a candid look at the “Broken Universe”! Out on DVD 30th April!”

As mentioned above, the DVD is set to release on 30th April and it’d be interesting to see what Impact Footage the company has used in it.