wXw 16 Carat Gold Night 1 Results (03/08) feat. NXT UK Superstars

German based promotion wXw will be holding their prestigious 16 Carat Gold tournament over the weekend. The company are heading to Oberhausen on March 8th, 9th and 10th for the 2019 iteration of the event.

The opening round matches of the tournament took place last night. The results for these bouts are as follows:

  • Alternate Four Way Match (The Winner Will Be An Alternate If Any 16 Carat Gold Performer is Injured) – Veit Müller b. Julian Pace, Kyle Fletcher and Leon van Gasteren

16 Carat Gold Bouts

  • Axel Dieter Jr. b. Marius Al-Ani – NXT UK Superstar Dieter Jr took the win to advance
  • Fenix b. Rey Horus – Fenix took the win in the battle of Lucha Underground stars
  • Shigehiro Irie b. Chris Brookes – Irie took the win over popular UK scene star Brookes
  • Lucky Kid b. Timothy Thatcher – Kid took the shock win over the Ringkampf stable member Thatcher
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match – Avalanche b. Jurn Simmons – Avalanche took the win in this special Falls Count Anywhere first round match
  • Pentagon Jr. b. Mark Davis – Pentagon took the win over Aussie Open star Mark Davis to advance
  • Ilja Dragunov b. Daisuke Sekimoto – Newly signed NXT UK Superstar Dragunov took the win over Big Japan’s Sekimoto
  • WALTER b. David Starr – NXT UK Superstar WALTER continued his winning streak over Starr