X-Division Legends Comment On The Return Of Ultimate X

Ultimate X

Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming PPV gets going in just a few hours. One of the featured matches tonight will be the return of the Ultimate X match.

Impact Wrestling interviewed several X-Division legends of the past and got their thoughts on what can be expected tonight.

X-Division Legends Comment On Ultimate X

Former X-Division champions, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, DJZ, Petey Williams, and Sonjay Dutt all were interviewed ahead of Homecoming.

SCU’s Christopher Daniels had the following to say, “I think they’re gonna go out there and top what’s been done in the past. I also think that they might try to bring back some of the stuff that hasn’t been done in a while, just because that’s just the way it goes. These things go in cycles.”

Petey Williams commented on how all 4 competitors in tonight’s match have never been in this type of match before. “I feel it’s good that it’s their first time because you have four fresh guys that have never been in it before,” Williams said. “They have a fresh moveset, all four of those individuals are very unique in what they do, so they’ll bring four new perspectives to the table that fans haven’t seen before. So I would just say: do what you do, amplify it and do it best.”

Return of the Ultimate X Match – Impact Wrestling Homecoming – January 6th, 2019

“Expect the unexpected,” said Sonjay Dutt. “Because when you get out “there, unless you’ve actually been in it, you don’t realize what it truly takes to excel at something like that.”

“I’m a little jealous that those guys get to do it again, man! I gotta be honest,” said Kazarian. “I know the guys going into this one are thinking that exact thing: they wanna steal the show. They wanna win the match. I would advise them to go out there and do their thing. Just throw caution to the wind, but at the same time don’t be too reckless.”

“For a lot of our locker room,” said Eddie Edwards. “I think that we feel that every match and every pay-per-view, we wanna take another step above and beyond, and it’s accentuated with the Ultimate X match.”

“Obviously, you have to use your upper body strength to hang from that rope and then shimmy yourself across,” said DJZ. “That takes some upper body strength, that takes some serious core strength. So you do have to be in some type of athletic condition, I think to be successful in that type of a match.”

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