Sean Waltman Talks About His WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Sean Waltman
Sean "X-Pac" Waltman

It was announced earlier this week that X-Pac would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year as a member of D-Generation X. On his podcast, X-Pac 12360, the the star opens up on what it means to him to be inducted.

X-Pac also discusses his feelings on being inducted as part of a group rather than being honored individually. He also gave his take on the controversy surrounding Chyna and the Hall of Fame.

X-Pac Hall Of Fame Call

X-Pac says that he learned of his induction through a phone call from WWE’s head of talent relations, Mark Carrano.

He says that he recently renewed his WWE Legends contract, but did not see that as a hint that his induction was forthcoming.

“It kind of made me assume it was just because of everything going on with AEW,” X-Pac says of his contract renewal.

“I never really connected it to a Hall of Fame thing.”

X-Pac On Being Inducted As Part Of A Group

Although X-Pac made his feeling clear earlier this week on Twitter, he again says on his show that he is happy to go in as part of DX.

“I could give two sh-ts about going in on my own,” he says.

“If you ask me what my choice is, go in on my own, or go in with the people I had the greatest time in my life with, I’m going to pick going in with them every single time you ask me.”

X-Pac Calls Chyna Being Inducted “A Win”

Chyna’s inclusion with DX in this year’s induction was considered by some to be WWE doing the bare minimum in honoring her. There are many fans, and some in the industry, who believe that anything short of a solo induction for Chyna is not good enough.

X-Pac sees the matter differently.

“Obviously she is worthy of being inducted by herself,” says X-Pac. “For a lot of people, this wasn’t good enough.”

“I would encourage them to take the win. A win doesn’t always come exactly how you want it to, but it’s a win none the less,” X-Pac says.

X-Pac Hall Of Fame Worthy?

As to whether he feels worthy of induction, X-Pac allows that he understands his contributions to the wrestling industry, but was still caught off guard.

“It’s not that I don’t feel worthy, because I do understand the things I’ve done in the industry and in my career and all that, but I’m just blown away by all of it,” X-Pac says.

After a history of issues related to addiction, X-Pac says he is grateful to get to experience his induction.

“I’ve done things in my career, accomplishments, DX, nWo, being in The Kliq and all that. You go, okay, eventually that induction will happen, but I wasn’t sure I would still be around for it to be honest with you,” X-Pac says. “Not everyone is going to make it up to that stage.”

“My children are going to come see me inducted, and that’s really cool.”

You can hear X-Pac’s entire discussion on X-Pac 12360. The full episode can be found below.

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