X-Pac Reveals What He Could’ve Done To Improve His WWE Career

Sean Waltman
Sean Waltman (photo credit: Title Match Wrestling)

Former WWE Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently joined WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show, to talk about his WWE career. During their conversation, Waltman commented on what he believes he could’ve done to better his experience with the company. He admitted that he could’ve worked a lot harder on his mic skills and also could’ve been easier to work with:

“I think for me, I should have worked harder on my mic skills and I should have been a lot easier to deal with and I would have been pushed a lot better. I was really, I was really, with my first run there, I felt like I let a lot of stuff happen there that I shouldn’t have and so I overcompensated for it when I came back. If I thought anybody was messing with me, I was difficult and also, I didn’t allow them to work me more than 15 days a month and when you do that, then it kind of takes a lot of the opportunities off the table.”

H/T EWrestlingNews for the transcriptions