Xavier Woods Documents Terrible Flight Experience On Twitter

Xavier Woods
Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods had a terrible experience on an airplane recently.

The New Day member was recently traveling and was stuck on an airplane for several hours. Woods and his fellow passengers were left stuck on the plane without air conditioning and were apparently all sweating.

Their initial pilots for the flights didn’t make it in time and a whole new crew had to be brought in. Those who were hungry were given the option to get off the plane and get something to eat in the airport. However, they’d have to take the risk of the plane leaving with zero warning.

Woods then said the plane began to smell because of the heat and everyone sweating. When the pilot finally arrived the entire plane began to cheer. To add more bad luck, it was only the co-pilot and he couldn’t fly the plane alone. They again had to wait for the captain.

When the captain finally arrived, the plane was understandably in a bad mood. To make matters worse, the captain warned the flight would be a very turbulent one due to weather. Finally the plane took off several hours later and the occupants finally received air conditioning.

The entire documentation from Woods was extremely entertaining and comedic. You can read the full line of Tweets here below: