Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Xavier Woods Injury’s Has “Shaken” Him To His “Core”

The New Day’s official WWE podcast third episode was released today on all major Podcasting networks. New Day member Xavier Woods took the opportunity to address his Achilles tendon injury that he sustained earlier this year in Sydney, Australia. Woods revealed the physical and emotional toll that the injury has taken on his body and the length of time he is expected to be out of action.

“I am currently dealing with one that is pretty serious”

“Today we’ll talk about something a little bit more serious we’re gonna talk about injuries. We’re gonna kick it off talking about mine actually to begin with” Woods started. “I am currently dealing with one that is pretty serious. I know that we’re we’re all laughey jokey happy clap your hands stuff all the time. So you don’t really get to see a range of motion from us on television. But this is something for me that is hard to talk about.”

Xavier Woods – “It compounded a disk in my neck…”

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Woods then told a story from his time in FCW, where he sustained a horrific head and neck injury. “I’ve been in wrestling professionally/training since I was seventeen, I’m thirty three now. The longest I’ve ever been out was three months and that was when I was in developmental in FCW. The whole roster would have shows all over the place. And at one point I end up getting clotheslined in the top of my head.”

“there wasn’t enough blood circulating to my brain…”

“Some crazy situation, and it compounded the disk in my neck. I slept legit in my closet all day because I couldn’t do with any sunlight. LED light, like whatever and one of those nights I ended up hurting so bad that I had to get a friend to drive me to the ER. I thought I was going to die. And what ended up happening is I got pumped full of whatever they pumped me full of. That helped release the pressure on my brain. Because apparently there wasn’t enough blood circulating to my brain and my brain was over heating. If I wouldn’t have gone to the ER immediately when I did I could have had permanent brain damage. Because my brain was just three million degrees…whatever it was.”

Xavier Woods – “the thought crossed my mind that it was my Achilles…”

Xavier Woods then described how that was the toughest injury of his career before the Achilles damage sustained a few months ago. “That was like the toughest one that I dealt with until we were in Sydney Australia. First match the night I ended up doing a back flip in the beginning of the match. As soon as I landed I felt like somebody’d kicked me in the back of the foot. I realized I couldn’t push off of that foot. Immediately the thought crossed my mind that it was my Achilles.”

Xavier Woods then talked about how the injury had ‘shaken him’ to his core. “It’s kind of shaken me to my core. When you get injured it’s something that’s like ‘ah this sucks but you know I get like a like a month at home.’ When you’re coming back pretty much with a ruptured Achilles that’s been surgically repaired there’s a lot more gray area. So there’s no real time frame on when when I will come back. It’s almost a kind of scary because yeah there’s a possibility that if I do everything right and everything goes well I could be back in five months. But maybe not, maybe I’ll be back next year but maybe not. Maybe I’ll be back by like WrestleMania next year. But maybe not.”

As soon as we have an update on Woods’ condition we will update you here.

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