Xavier Woods On Possibly Making Creative Changes To New Day After His Return

Xavier Woods discusses his time away from WWE and what inspired him to create his YouTube channel

Xavier Woods
Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods recently spoke to TVInsider in order to promote the New Day’s new podcast, where he talked about things like his gaming YouTube channel, being away from WWE due to his injury and more.

Woods is currently out of action after undergoing a surgery to repair an Achilles tear late last month and he is expected to stay away from the ring for the next 6 months at least.

This time away from WWE has given him the opportunity to look at the New Day from outside and when asked if he will be pushing for some creative changes based on his new perspective of the group, the SmackDown star replied positively:

“A hundred percent, but I can’t tell you, It’s a secret. I got to keep the magic. I’m busy and don’t want to focus on how I will come back because I have tons of time left.

So any ideas now I have for later is going to be drastically different because the environment of the company is going to be different when I come back. I’ll start thinking about things closer to my actual return.”

Xavier has created a brand for himself outside of WWE in his gaming YouTube channel UpUpDownDown and his channel recently hit the 2 million subscribers mark.

Talking about his inspiration to create the channel, the New Day member recalled his conversations with many veterans and admitted that the realization that many of them didn’t set up for the next part of their life was terrifying to him:

“When they explained that part of life to me and how difficult it was to cross over and leave wrestling behind. Many didn’t set up for the next part of life. That’s always been something that has terrified me and been in the back of my mind. “

Apart from this, Xavier Woods also talked about the format of their new podcast, the future of his YouTube channel and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.