Young Bucks Selling Cease & Desist T-Shirt, Enzo As The Focus Of 205 Live

The Young Bucks

– With Enzo Amore now holding the Cruiserweight Championship, Dave Meltzer noted on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE appears to be transforming 205 Live from a wrestling oriented program into more of a showcase for Enzo. Viewership for 205 Live has been disappointing for the past several months and the feeling is that even though Enzo is a heel in storylines, he remains popular and sells a ton of merchandise.

– Mattel is relaxing a new “Epic Moments” action figure 2-pack spotlighting Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens’ memorable Festival of Friendship segment from earlier this year. The Jericho figure is sporting a big happy grin on his face, unaware of what’s about to transpire.

– In response to WWE sending the Young Bucks a cease and desist letter over the usage of the “Too Sweet” phrase and hand gesture, the Bucks are capitalizing on the situation and have released a Crease and Desist “TOO SW#%T!” t-shirt.