Linda McMahon Leaves WWE & Spending Big Campaign Money


Linda McMahon has officially resigned from her position of the Board of Directors of World Wrestling Entertainment, according to documents filed on Tuesday with the SEC. McMahon stepped down as WWE CEO over the summer (with Vince McMahon now taking on that position) but her resignation from the Board marks her complete exit from the company.

“On November 6, 2009, Linda E. McMahon resigned as a Director of the Company due to the continuing demands on her time resulting from her campaign for the United States Senate, representing the State of Connecticut,” WWE stated in the SEC filing.

USA Today lists Linda McMahon as the person spending more of her own money on her campaign than anybody else running for Senate or the House McMahon has donated $3.5 million of her own money to campaign for the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut. Linda’s team says that using her own money keeps her protected from strings-attached donations while her competitors argue that she won’t have to campaign as hard and will have a harder time winning over the people

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