Jeff Jarrett Talks About TNA Competing With WWE


TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett
TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett

A local newspaper in Johnstown, Pennsylvania recently conducted an interview with Jeff Jarrett to promote TNA’s live event in the city on January 14th.  Jarrett spoke at length about how TNA Wrestling can compete with World Wrestling Entertainment.  “They [WWE] are sports entertainment; we are professional wrestling,” Jarret said. “Our in-ring product takes priority over other facets of the business.” “The product that has drawn millions and millions of fans over the years, going back to the ’60s, is professional wrestling … (TNA) is fresh and modern, but it is in the essence of what has always been done.”

Jarrett knows what it takes to build a successful wrestling promotion and thinks TNA goes an extra step to make sure their fans are satisfied. “We recognize the fact that we’ve got to earn our fans one at a time,” Jarrett said. “I have been a part of wrestling my entire life, but I’ve never seen this kind of excitement generated by the backstage access, the autograph sessions, and the opportunities to get up close and personal with the TNA stars at the merchandise table.”

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With TNA firing their “first shot” at WWE on January 4th with their first live 3-hour Monday night edition of TNA iMPACT!, Jarrett explains what’s ahead on TNA’s path to truly competing with WWE. “Things are getting bigger and better. With the addition of Hulk Hogan, skies are very blue for TNA. Are we going to come right out of the gate and beat them? Are we claiming that? Absolutely not,” he said. “But we’re in the game, and competition is good. We are very optimistic that by the end of 2010, it’ll be a different game.”

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