McMahon Says Steroids Were A Significant Problem In WWE


In an interview with political website, former WWE CEO and United States Senate hopeful Linda McMahon spoke about a number of topics pertaining to pro wrestling. McMahon acknowledged that steroids were a “significant problem” in WWE back in 2006 before the company relaunched its drug testing program. She says WWE‘s Wellness policy is “as good as it can be for today. But as technology advances and more is known and developed, we’ll continue to develop our policy, as we have done over the years.”

“Unlike football or baseball or basketball, where steroids can actually enhance performance, they do nothing to enhance performance in WWE,” McMahon said. She added that its mostly about a wrestler’s “charisma, the ability to connect with the audience, and how successfully they can act and perform within the storyline.” No mention about the long standing culture of freakishly muscular wrestlers getting pushed or the increasing pressure for wrestlers to stay in shape and maintain an HDTV-friendly physiques.

WWE legends Superstar Billy Graham and Bruno Sammartino have been very outspoken towards Linda McMahon since she began her Senate campaign. Graham recently told the Hartford Courant, “She may look like a Sunday school teacher, [but her] hands are as bloody as her husband’s, because she is aware of every move in the ring.” Linda called Graham a “self-confessed liar” and dismissed Sammartino as someone who has “still got sour grapes because he didn’t make as much money as the guys today are making.”  She said, “You’re going to always have the old-timers who are going to come out and say [things],” she said. “It’s just not like that.”

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