Update On Edge’s Return, Dennis Miller, Maryse Interview


– Jamie Noble, Edge and Ricky Steamboat were all on hand at FCW this week. Steamboat and Edge were specifically there as guest speakers to give advice to developmental prospects, while Noble was assisting with training. With regard to Edge, he was said to be moving well and told one person that he is aiming for a return in the first quarter of 2010. The former World Champion may actually be slightly ahead in his rehabilitation schedule following surgery to his torn Achilles tendon in July.

– Yesterday on the Dennis Miller Radio show, Monday’s RAW guest host claimed that he had been given advice by a former pro wrestler in preperation for his appearance. Dennis was told to tell the RAW locker room that he was a a graduate of the Terry Garvin School of Self Defence.

WWE Diva Maryse was recently interviewed by SLAM! Wrestling .. Here’s what she said about:

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Sheamus: “Sheamus is really different,” she said about the challenger. “He’s got a really unique look. He’s so white, and with his red hair and beard, it’s so weird! John Cena is pretty white, but he looks really tanned compared to Sheamus. I like his charisma in the ring, his aggressive style, and he’s got a great bad guy personality.”

The Infamous Heel Hand Flip: “I never planned on doing it .. I just did it one night and it caught on. People would come up to me to take a picture and they’d ask me to do the hand thing. So I thought I should keep it. It’s not something I would do normally, it’s really the character.”

Her Inspiration: The Rock. Even though I’m a girl, I look at him as an inspiration. He was just amazing. He had a lot of range in his character, he had the crowd reacting every night no matter what he was doing. It’s really hard to do, and he did it really well.”