WWE RAW Results: Mike Tyson Wrestles & Re-Joins DX


Report by Kendra

This weeks RAW starts with music and pyro.

Justin announces this week’s guest host with all his accolades. Out to the ring comes Tyson in a baggy navy t-shirt, loose dark blue jeans and new looking work boots. In the ring he looks a little off balance. He says it’s great being back on RAW. Last time he was on RAW it was a memorable experience. Video of Tyson’s last stint on RAW. He came out and had to deal with Austin. They got into a fight and Tyson sided with DX. But at WM Tyson turned on DX and went with Austin helped him win the title. “You screwed Shawn” chants. He said, “yeah, yeah!” He said it’s nice to be here, but is cut off by Sheamus’ music. Sheamus out to the ring says he’s not sure he heard right, that Tyson was called an iconic sports figure. Tyson says it’s a matter of opinion. Sheamus called him a washed up sports figure. Sheamus says he’s the WWE Champion and that makes him the baddest man on the planet. Sheamus right in his face. Tyson moves like he’s going to punch Sheamus, Sheamus jumps back. Sheamus dares him to do it again, but he’d better make contact. They’re both interrupted by Orton who comes out. He says he’s not interesting in creating a Sports Center moment like some others might be. He’s interested in the WWE Title. Sheamus doesn’t have someone to face at the RR, so Tyson has to make Orton the number on contender, and he’d better do it soon. Cena’s music hits – of course – and he comes out in his new Wheaties gear. Orton glares, Sheamus looks slightly confused. Cena says hi as if there was nothing odd going on. Sheamus asks what Cena’s doing there. Cena says he’s there to see Tyson. He’s there because the Packers are in the playoff. The Vikings are in the playoffs and the Packers are going home! The fans go wild! He then says he’s there for the WWE Championship. Sheamus says Cena won’t get a title shot at the Rumble. Cena says he didn’t forget, then mocks Sheamus. But the last time Sheamus lost. He beat everyone here. He beat Sheamus. He beat Orton. He even beat Tyson. He talks about Tyson’s video game. Tyson smirks. So if anyone should be up for the Championship, you’re looking at him. Kofi’s music hits and out he comes. Orton wants to know why Kofi is there, he has not reason to be part of this discussion. Kofi said he’s right. But they’ve both been Champion and countless matches, he’s never had one. He’s not going to sit back there, wait for his opportunity and not say anything. “Cena sucks!” chants very loudly from a large group of men. Cena gets a look on his face and goes over to put an arm around Kofi. He says, “Pay no attention, he usually doesn’t anyway.” Kofi says he’s out there because he wants a shot. “Randy, Randy!” chants. Kofi says he won’t take no for an answer. Sheamus says there’s an easy way to solve this. When Tyson was Champion there were months between defenses. Since Sheamus’ a much better Champion than Tyson ever was, since he successfully defended two weeks ago, he wants the Rumble off. As for those three, go to the RR and earn it like everyone else. Isn’t that right Tyson? Tyson says not to compare himself to Tyson. They all have a shot, a Triple Threat shot to face Sheamus. Cena asks if he has it straight, he’s facing Kofi and Orton? The winner faces Sheamus? He likes those odds! (He called Orton, Kofi and Sheamus names, but I missed them – sorry!)

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Commercial for Cena on Psych! January 27th.

1st Round Match in the Diva Tournament. Kelly out in a two piece zebra outfit. Fox out in a black two piece outfit.

They lock up. Fox on the ropes. Ref breaks them up and Fox gets a cheap shot. Kelly face first over and over into the top turn buckle. Kelly flipped by her hair. Fox has a headlock on Kelly, holding her hair behind Kelly’s back. To their feet, Kelly to the corner and lands on the apron. Fox flipped outside. Kelly flies onto Fox. Clotheslines on Fox in the ring. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Fox. Kelly up on Fox, but Fox doesn’t go down. Fox reverses into a powerbomb for three.

– Winner: Fox

Fox barely has it in herself to celebrate. Video of high points in the match. Fox backs up the ramp showing off. Kelly down on the mat.

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Video of Cena and the Fiesta Bowl, doing the coin toss last Monday. He looked a little goofy in a suit. He was also Grand Marshall of the parade.

Legacy out to the ring. Cody with a mic says last year they were three of the final four in the RR. Last year was Orton’s year, but this year’s a different story. Ted says this year is his turn. He asks if Cody disagrees. Well, Cody’s dad says Cody has movie star good looks, but Ted is a movie star. His movie, the Marine 2 is considered superior to the original. Cody says his fifth grade graduation video is superior to the original, what’s his point? Ted says his point is that he’ll win the RR. They get face to face in the ring. Out to the ring comes Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.

Evan and Ted lock up. Head scissors on Ted. Kicks to Ted’s legs. Evan sent over the top rope, lands on the apron. Evan sent to land hard outside with a dropkick to the face. The ref stops Ted and Cody takes advantage slamming Evan into the barrier hard. The ref stops Henry and then start counting Evan out. Evan in but Ted locks a headlock on Evan in the center of the ring. Cody tags in blindly. Evan runs into Cody’s dropkick for two. Cody stomps around Evan a bit. Cody slams Evan to the mat and drops a knee in a very Orton looking way. Hammerlock on Evan who’s on his belly on the mat. Cody puts his foot in the middle of Evan’s back to strengthen the hold. Henry gets the crowd going, but then Evan runs into a bog boot. Evan tries to get to Henry but Cody keeps him from doing so. Evan kicks Cody in the back of the head and both are down. Henry is able to tag in. Henry works over Cody, then Ted when he rushes in. Ted rolls out and Cody lifted high in the air, then dropped. Evan gets the tag. Evan climbs, but Ted in to save Cody. Ted kicks Evan and then pulls the ropes to send Henry out. High knee to Ted’s chin and he rolls out. Cody hits crossroads and pins Evan for three.

– Winner: Legacy

Ted’s holding his chin, but smiles through it for the win. Arms around each other as they leave the ring. Video of the high points of the match. Legacy backs up the ramp. They shake hands.

Backstage HHH asks if HBK wants to do this. Bret Hart is one thing, but Tyson. HBK says he made peace with Bret Hart and wants to do the same with Tyson. Tyson is… HHH says Tyson’s insane. Tyson’s certifiable. Tyson knocked him out! HBK says he say Tyson’s documentary and he thinks Tyson’s a changed man. He wants to do this. HBK walks away.

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HBK in with Tyson. He says last week he got closure with Bret and wants to try for the same closure. He thought he’d take it upon himself. So he’s coming to Tyson, man to man, to say he forgives him for knocking him out at WM. Tyson says he doesn’t need HBK’s forgiveness, he enjoyed knocking HBK out, would like to do it again. Never liked him. Jericho tells HBK to leave. HBK says Jericho was kicked off RAW, twice. Jericho says he has connections and called Tyson. They’re both unfairly persecuted by the unwashed massed. Perceived as monsters by the leaches and parasites. Tyson says, by the man. Jericho agrees with Tyson on this. Tyson says oppression. HBK asks if Jericho is Tyson’s special guest tonight. Jericho says it’s more than that, they’ve struck up a friendship and came up with an idea. DX will be in a match tonight. If they lose, then Jericho gets a free pass to stay on RAW or whatever show he wants to. HBK asks Mike what the match is. Tyson says it’s the great (then he crotch chops) DX against Jericho and Mike Tyson, the baddest man on the planet. HBK says it’s fine because he still owes Mike one. Tyson says he’s ready for some payback. HBK leaves. Tyson says DX, dumb fools.

King and Cole talk about Tyson in a match against DX. They go on to talk about Bret Hart returning to RAW. Video of Bret coming back to RAW last week. A lot about the screw job. Then it went on to show Bret and Vince in the ring. Vince ended up attacking Bret. King wonders if Bret will have retribution tonight for what Vince did or will Vince add more fuel to the fire?

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HOF Induction promo, talking about tickets going on sale this weekend.

Swagger in the ring. He’s on mic and says news Flash, he’ll be wining the RR and go on to main event WM. The fans give him huge heat. He says it’s tailor made for someone like him. Last year at this time he was successfully defending his ECW Championship, so he’s never been in the RR. But he guarantees, guarantees, that no one on any show can eliminate him. Put his money where his mouth is? Gladly! He’s issuing an all American American Challenge. Anyone who thinks they can throw him over the top rope, to come out and do it! Please! Out to the ring comes Santino! Santino says this is so embarrassing. He was going to issue the all Italian Italian Challenge and see if someone can throw him over the top rope! How will they resolve this? Santino into the ring. He asks how they will they resolve this? He’s going to drop Swagger like a bicycle without a kickstand. Santino says to the ref to ring the bell. Cole says Santino has the record for the shortest stay ever in a RR. Swagger grabs Santino and slams him into one corner, then another corner. Santino is whipped into a third corner. Swagger splashes Santino. Swagger then grabs Santino and starts to send him over. Santino ends up holding onto Swagger. Santino ends up sitting on the apron and sending Swagger to the floor.

– Winner: Santino

Swagger is at first shocked, then pissed. Santino has no clue how he eliminated Swagger. He realizes he’s in trouble and flees. Swagger takes off after Santino as he’s ripped about the loss.

Video of Tyson and Austin in the ring together. They ended up fighting. The news they were going to tell us before Swagger started talking, Tyson’s returning to the WWE ring.

Backstage, split screen, three ways, Cena, Orton and Kofi heading to the ring for their Triple Threat Match.

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Orton out to the ring. Kofi out to the ring next. Cena rounds out the ring to round out the match.

Orton on Cena, but then Kofi on Orton. Cena whips Orton who drops and ducks his head to hide! “Cena sucks” chants from that same small but loud group of guys. Cena and Kofi work together to suplex Orton. Kofi splashes Orton in a corner then upper cut him. Cena sends Orton into one corner face first, then another corner and a suplex on Orton. Cole screwed up at first saying Orton suplexed Cena, but then corrected himself. Forearms to Orton’s face from Kofi. Orton leaves the ring. Cena after him and throws him back in. They both hit back elbows on Orton together. Kofi sends Orton out of the ring through the ropes. Then Kofi looks at Cena. Kofi smiles, Cena motions to Kofi to come at him. They line up and Sheamus out to watch. They both turn to look up at Sheamus and Orton in to attack them both! Orton stomps the heck out of Kofi.

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Headlock on Kofi from Orton. Cena’s out by announce. During the break he was run into the steps head first by Orton and Kofi knocked Cena off the apron onto announce. Orton hits his through the ropes DDT on Cena. Kofi up top and flies on Orton as he turns. Orton is able to kick out. Punches to Orton in a corner. Backbreaker on Kofi by Orton. Super Cena goes wild on Orton with a bulldog, then an attack on Orton in a corner. Then Cena shoulder first into the ring post. Kofi hits his SOS on Orton for two. Cena hit’s a drop toe hold on Kofi. Cena locks on the STF in the center of the ring. Kofi won’t tap out and is trying for the ropes. Orton breaks it up. Shoulder block to Orton, and another. Back slam to Orton. Five knuckle shuffle on Orton (didn‘t even touch Orton with the punch). Orton up for an AA, but Kofi makes the save. Kofi takes them both down. Boom drop on Cena. Trouble in paradise on Cena, but Cena’s knocked from the ring. Kofi mounts Orton and lands punches in a corner. But suddenly Cody’s there and kicks the ring stairs into Cena’s head! Cody up on the apron yelling at the ref, distracting him. Ted in the other side. Ted nails Kofi on his way through and out the other side. Orton taunts Kofi. Orton easily hits his RKO. Orton pins Kofi for three.

– Winner: Orton

Sheamus glares down at Orton. All of Legacy stares back up at Sheamus. Sheamus raises his belt high in the air. Video of Cody kicking the steps then Ted taking out Kofi. Orton hit his RKO and it was over. Legacy is still staring up the ramp, Sheamus still has his strap held high. Much glaring.

Josh backstage talking about Tyson tagging with Jericho against DX. Josh asks Tyson what he plans on doing to HHH and HBK tonight in the ring? Then Hornswoggle is there in DX gear and his military helmet with the DX headband around it. He’s throwing punches and crotch chops. Tyson gets down on a knee, talks very softly as if to a child and says that if he sees Hornswoggle during the match, he’ll pull out his intestines and play jump rope with them. That’s not all. He’ll take his two fingers, stick his fingers up Hornswoggle’s nose and pull his brains out. He’ll put it in a newspaper and smash it against a wall. So enjoy himself and hope Tyson doesn’t see him tonight, alright? Hornswoggle nods and looks freaked out holding his nose.

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RR promo.

Video from last week’s RAW when MVP won the contendership to go after Miz’s title.

Miz, backstage with a mic. He said when he first came to wee, no one respected him. No one in the WWE Universe, no one in the WWE Locker room. No one could stand him, they made his life a living hell. He got kicked out of the locker room for eating a piece of chicken over a ref’s bag and getting some crumbs in it. For six months he was banned from the WWE locker room. He had to find a place to change, to shower, to use a restroom. He’d walk down the halls and see JBL. JBL would tease him and say he’s a gift from God. They all wanted him to quit. All that negativity he used as fuel to ignite a wrath against everyone in the WWE. To become the star he is today. He doesn’t use the locker room. He has his own private locker room because of the star he is today. That locker room is for the Evan Bourne’s and the MVP’s. the same MVP that is the number one contender for the US Championship. Miz was walking around through that all. He walks out by the stage. He says MVP has joined a long list to become publicly humiliated as him. MVP doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him. MVP should still be in jail. He doesn’t believe in second chances because he’s been perfect his entire life. He wants to be booed. He’d rather be booed for who he is than cheered for what he isn’t. everyone watches RAW to see Miz, not MVP. MVP has all the bling, designer suits, diamond rings. You can put diamonds on a dog, but it’s still a mutt. Everyone will respect the US Champion! Because he’s the Miz, and he’s awesome! But then MVP’s music. He comes out in a beautiful suit and tie! He says everyone knows his past. He’s never denied it or run from it. He embraced it. He doesn’t want people to make the same mistakes he did. He does have an affinity for designer suits, diamond earrings and watches. He works hard for it. He worked hard to get back in society. He works hard for the respect of the WWE Universe. He worked hard to be called a superstar in this circus they call the WWE. Miz said you can put diamonds on a dog, but it’s still a mutt. Miz barks. MVP says they’re all animals in this circus, but he’s no mutt. Bear with him – he asks the fans – Miz can just stand there and suck. Off comes MVP’s jacket and tie. He unbuttons his sleeves and shirt. He removes that. As far as animals in the circus, MVP’s a big old tiger and Miz is a monkey flinging poo! Miz asks if he really is? MVP says that’s what he reminds him of. Miz wants to fling some at his lips so MVP can taste it. You think MVP is tame because he likes designer names and nice things. Miz wants to go there? He spent 9 years in Florida corrections. He lived with animals. He lived with animals Miz has only seen on TV. He dares Miz to open the cage and see how tame he is. Miz asks if MVP really wants to see the US Champion. MVP dares. Him. Miz starts to back off, then steps forward. MVP throws the mic and Miz’s chest. Miz starts to gain the upper hand in the fight, but not for long! MVP really takes Miz down and send him from the ring with a kick to the chest sending Miz through the ropes.

Video from last year’s HOF ceremony and all the wonderful men who were inducted. Vince inducted Austin who brought the place to its feet. Austin thanked everyone, and that’s the bottom line… Cole said he gets to sit next to a HOF every week, King. They go on to talk about Tyson at WM in 1998. Tyson knocked HBK out and left him on the mat when he raised Austin’s arm. They then went on to talk about possible retribution for what happened between Vince and Bret last week.

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Video for Tyson’s documentary that’s available on DVD.

Katie is in the ring in ref pants and black halter top. Eve comes in a dark grey shiny corset and black boy shorts. Maryse is at announce. She calls Cole a ‘vintage nerd’ and that he can’t pronounce her name right. Katie takes Eve down and then pulls her arms back with a knee to the center of her back. Eve rolls through and out. Forearms to Katie, but back breaker to Eve for two. Maryse says Miz is not her type. Eve into a corner but ducks out. Eve takes Katie down for two. Kick to Katie’s face when she bends down. Another kick drops Katie then a dropkick to Katie. Katie comes back by getting her knees up when Eve flips to land on her. Katie covers for two. Eve is able to take Katie down and roll Katie up for three.

– Winner: Eve

Eve out of the ring in celebration. Eve turns to look at Maryse but barely gives her the time of day. Maryse is all worked up as she faces Eve in the next round.

Video of Tyson in the ring (years ago) in boxing matches. It’s been nearly five years since Tyson’s been in the ring, according to King and Cole (but it’s been much less than five years since Tyson was in the ring, so I don’t know where they’re getting their facts).

Carlito talking to Gail Kim backstage. Vince walks up and Kim moves out of his way. If she hadn’t Vince would have slammed into her. (Is this because she’s reportedly dating Bret Hart?)

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Video of Orton pinning Kofi earlier with Legacy’s help. So Orton will be facing Sheamus for the WWE Title at RR.

Vince’s music and he comes strutting out to the ring. Video of Vince extending his hand to Bret, then raising his arm. But then Vince kicked Bret in the gut and left him rolling on the mat. Vince says he wants to put an end to the rumors that he’s hired extra security both in… What? “We want Bret!” chants. He wants to end the rumors that he’s hired extra security for both in and outside the arena. Bret won’t be there because he’s intimidated. Twelve years ago spit in Vince’s face, sucker punched him and walked out on his company. Twelve years ago Bret screwed Bret. Last week Vince screwed Bret. See, Bret came out and wanted to put bygones behind him and find closure. Bret, Vince doesn’t play nice. He doesn’t forgive and doesn’t forget. “Boring!” chants. Bret wanted closure? He was left lying on the mat, humbled and humiliated by Vince. He won’t be here because Bret will never be seen in the WWE again. Vince’s music then plays as Vince smirks. Vince leaves the ring and walks down the stairs. He heads up the ramp.

Tyson throwing punches at pads on Jericho’s hands.

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Don Johnson and Jon Heder will be guest hosting next week!

DX out to the ring with their glow sticks. Crotch chops to in ring pyro. HBK grabs a mic and gives it to HHH. HHH asks, “Are you ready?” HHH goes on with schpeal and then asks HBK if he’s ready. HBK says he’s ready. He’s ready for Taker. He says he wants an answer from Taker next week. HHH says if you’re not down with that, we have two words for ya… Jericho out to the ring. Tyson out in dark sweats, t-shirt and what now in what looks like dress shoes, but could be ring boots.

Tyson and HBK start off. They lock up and HBK is sent flying. They lock up again and HBK is sent into the ropes. They lock up and HBK is sent flying. HBK stops and talks to HHH. HBK rushes Tyson and eats a shoulder knock down. HHH tags in and slowly walks up to Tyson. They lock up and they battle around. HHH backed into a corner. Clean break but then HHH shoved Tyson and he slams into HHH hard. They lock up and end up in the heel corner. Jericho takes a tag. Back and forth between them. High knee from HHH and tags out. Inverted atomic drop and HBK tries for a flip but Jericho takes it to roll HBK up for two. Jericho tries for the wall but HBK sends Jericho flying and Jericho slams into HHH sending him flying from the apron. HBK grabs the back of Jericho’s tights, baring his white ass crack for all to see and rolling Jericho up for two. Enziguri to HBK. Jericho tags out. Tyson over HBK talking smack and Hornswoggle’s music hits. He comes out in boxing shorts, a robe and boxing gloves. Tyson laughed as he tagged Jericho in. All in the ring. HHH and HBK flank Hornswoggle. Jericho walking up to face them with Tyson behind them. Tyson removes his one t-shirt to reveal a second underneath. He’s wearing a DX t-shirt (shocker). The fans are wild. Jericho looks worried. He turns to see Tyson’s shirt. Tyson knocks Jericho out in one punch in what Cole calls ‘vintage Tyson’. HBK pins Jericho for three.

– Winners: DX

All four in the ring with DX crotch chops. Cole asks if it was a setup all along. Then Cole said you could feel it in the air all night. They all celebrate in the ring around Jericho’s prone body. Video of Tyson knocking out Jericho and Cole again says it’s ‘vintage Mike Tyson’. Jericho hasn’t moved at all yet. HHH grabs a kid over his shoulder from behind announce. Over the barrier and Tyson’s son is in the ring with them. All five, Tyson in the middle with his son on his left, Hornswoggle on his right, crotch chop to the in ring pyro. Again video of Tyson punching out Jericho.

Biggest pop
Tyson (when he punched out Jericho)

Biggest heat
Cena (one group of guys let him HAVE it!)
Tyson (before he punched out Jericho)