Heat On Jeff Jarrett Over Botched iMPACT Segment


Last night on TNA Impact, Jeff Jarrett returned to the Impact Zone to address the crowd. He gave a gracious, if not somewhat self-congratulatory, celebration interview for the progress of TNA and his role in it.

Hulk Hogan fired back that Jarrett was talking too much about himself and he didn’t want to him reference “I, I, I” again. Hogan came across as having an attitude and perhaps raining on Jarrett’s hard-earned parade. It wasn’t supposed to come across that way.

Jarrett was supposed to come across as self-absorbed and borderline delusional, but some of the ideas to get him there were edited out by various factions behind the scenes in recent days. Some insider references were removed and Jarrett himself may not have wanted some things that would have stung too much to be talked about, such as pushing himself at the expense of others.

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Because Jarrett came up short on some of the items he was supposed to say, he essentially didn’t set the pin up properly for Hogan to knock down. So Hogan came across more heelish than intended.

There was recognition behind the scenes that the Hogan-Jarrett did not come across as the creative team originally envisioned and intended, with the heat being put on Jeff Jarrett.