Bischoff Talks About Working With Russo, Monday Nights


– With the recent additions of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to TNA Wrestling, many have wondered how they would interact with Vince Russo, whom they had trouble working with in WCW. Eric Bischoff has posted a few messages on Twitter this week about Russo specifically:

On Monday, Bischoff wrote:
“Vince Russo has a new book out….I am going to be VERY interested in what he has to say in his book. Hmmm”

This morning, he wrote:
“Sorry to disappoint all of you who are expecting heat between Russo and I. Actually enjoy working with him so far. Ed [Ferrara] and Matt [Conway] too.”

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– The decision has been made within TNA that iMPACT will be going to Mondays full-time but it’s not known yet when those changes will take effect and it’s unknown if the show will air from 8-10pm or 9-11pm. The current plan has TNA taping the show every other week doing a live shot on Monday and taping on Tuesday with the taped show airing the next Monday. Because of the occasional odd number of weeks between pay-per-views, it’s possible there will be times there TNA will tape three shows or do a taping where they would fly people in just for one live Monday. (Source:

TNA may make the decision to go live every Monday night depending on how low the ratings for taped shows are. iMPACT going to Monday nights has actually been discussed between Hogan, Bischoff, TNA officials and Spike since October of 2009.