Kentucky Football Player Says Tara’s Car Shop Ripped Him Off


In light of news of TNA Wrestling talent Lisa Marie Varon’s custom car shop in Louisville, Kentucky being suspiciously destroyed in a fire this morning, it occurred one day after the business was profiled on WHAS11’s Consumer Watch segment.

Antwane Glenn, a football player at the University of Kentucky, wants a refund after his car was left un-drivable following Black Widow Customs’ work on it. He contacted WHAS11 and the story was profiled on this week’s Consumer Watch.

In addition to losing $2,000, Glenn is also stuck with a dangerous vehicle. Two independent mechanics have said that he needs to put emergency brakes on it. Glenn adds that a Lexington custom car shop told him the job was poorly done.

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WHAS11 wanted to find out if the car was unsafe, so they took it to an unnamed Louisville mechanic, and didn’t tell him where the work was done.

“Okay, the suspension on this vehicle has been raised with a special raise kit, which raises it somewhere between 7-12 inches,” explained WHAS11’s car expert. “That is very dangerous and this car cannot be driven like this.”

Varon’s husband Lee, who co-owns Black Widow Customs, said the company’s work has received awards on a regional and national level, but due to pending litigation, could not comment on the report. The report noted Glenn has not filed suit, and indicated it may have been Black Widow Customs filing action.

Lee said he’s willing to fix the car and says it’s the same offer he’s made from the beginning. However, Glenn said he no longer trusts Black Widow Customs to fix his car. “I’ve got football practice and I’m preparing for my finals,” explained Glenn, “Not to have a car is really stressful.”

The story can be accessed here.