Maria Talks About Leaving WWE, Working For TNA, DivaMania


Former WWE Diva and Playboy covergirl Maria Kanellis was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald newspaper.  Here are some highlights of what Maria said about:

Leaving WWE:

“It’s weird because you forget how busy you are when you are on the road. You’re on the road four or five days a week and sometimes going internationally for two weeks at a time, three weeks at a time. When you’re doing it, you don’t realize how crazy and hectic it is. Your body has to adjust to it.'”

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“It’s very funny because I still have friends within WWE, and now seeing some of the other girls released, I’m so surprised.”There was a whole group of us that came in together. It was me, Melina, Mickie [James], Jillian [Hall]. We all came in about the same time, and a lot of us are no longer there anymore. It’s kind of funny how we all went in around the same time and left around the same time. I’m just happy about the future.”

The Possibility of Working For TNA Wrestling

“I never actually talked to [TNA] too much about it. I’m not saying I will never do it, but what I am saying is I’m completely focused on my acting career right now, and with pilot season coming up, I’m just super excited to be out here doing that. I’m in acting classes and working my tail off. I’ve been on tons of auditions.”

The Upcoming DivaMania Tour With Jillian Hall and Taryn “Tiffany” Terrell:

“I guess you get to party like a diva with a diva,” she said. “We are going to be there to have a good time and visit with people who are fans. Just really let loose after all the craziness with WWE. It’s our after party. I’m sure we will be sending lots of photos and videos.”

Aside from working on her singing career, Maria has also been acting. She will be appearing in the upcoming horror film “Manos: The Search For Valley Lodge,” scheduled for a 2013 release, along with former WWE star Gene Snitsky.

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