Sunny Says She’s Never Been A Fan Of Women’s Wrestling


Former WWE performer Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) spoke with Alfonso Castillo of regarding her new cookbook, and commented on whether some of the current Divas would be more valuable outside the ring.

“Yes, maybe some of them,” Sytch replied. “I’ve never been a huge fan of women’s ‘wrestling,’ and have always thought it’s best left to the guys. Some of the girls out there aren’t so talented inside the ring, and I think that just exposes the business even more. You wouldn’t put a Doctor with a shaky hand into surgery, now would you?”

Sytch was also asked about her limited involvement in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV and whether she regrets participating.

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“My actual return was on the 15th Anniversary of Raw show, in December of ’07, and I was featured nicely then. Had my own music, entrance, introduction, it was fun! Doing Wrestlemania was just the icing on top of that. I had a blast, but pay-per-view’s are timed out and so stringently, that there was nothing anyone could do to focus on any of the girls.”