Kevin Nash On His WWE Return, Sting-WWE, Kliq Return


Thanks to Martin H. and for the following recap of Kevin Nash on Monday Night Mayhem yesterday:

– Nash’s thoughts going forward with WWE: Nash said things were better than expected in terms of the response in Boston. Things went well and got in the ring with Cena and that was a blotch because Cena was supposed to be eliminated before he got in. He said it was a great experience.

– Reports of Nash signing a legends contract with WWE. His current status with WWE? Nash said the hosts’ guesses are as good as his. As far as whether he’d be wrestling, stuff with THQ video games, Nash just goes day-by-day.

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– Nash says everything in the news gets spun. Responses to Dixie Carter’s reply to fans on saying Nash was under contract but was released for reasons she cannot disclose.

– Was Nash under contract for the past couple of weeks? Nash said he was! How close was he to going to TNA? Nash said basically up until he saw Kurt being attacked by Jeff Jarrett. Fortune beat Kurt, Abyss came down with a 2×4 nailed to his spinal cord. Abyss said that would be attempted murder and Abyss would be paralyzed from neck down. He mentioned Crimson said They are coming, Flair screamed back, Kurt cleared the ring.

– Nash said what reason was he coming in for? Kurt can beat them on his own so he didn’t see a reason for him coming in for. He said it was the end of his career. Nash said him coming in the following week, 800 people on Monday. Nash said if it was the last thing he could do, would he do that or go to Boston at the Rumble.

– Hosts mention that Nash was trending on Twitter even though he was in the ring for 2-3 minutes. Whether they would see a KLIQ reunion at WrestleMania weekend, Nash said he talked to Waltman. Nash said he’d be there.

– Nash’s opinion of Wade Barrett? He says what are the odds of Nash bashing Barrett on Twitter and getting eliminated at the rumble.

AJ Styles and Robert Roode. Nash says Roode is a babyface, but plays a good heel. Nash says AJ is a great talent. Nash said it was the right move for him to finish where he started.

– Nash says Shawn Michaels was largely responsible for him getting into the WWE to begin with. He wished to have one last match with HBK, but he doubts that will happen. He says “Paul” (Triple H) is in the corporate side. He said WWE is moving with the youth movement and that nothing appears to be changing with that.

– A question is asked about Sting and whether Nash talks to him. Nash says he would selfishly love to see Sting in WWE. That would be a great headline match. Nash says Sting has done so much and he would like for him to work for WWE just to see how different it is to be there, to work for the machine. Nash said it’s the third time he’s with WWE. He says being in a WWE arena is like a Happy Madison movie because of the way Sandler would take care of you during the movies.

– He put over the big wrestlers when asked about which were his favorites: Sheamus, Jack Swagger, and a few others and elaborated on it.