Wade Barrett Talks WM27 Match With Taker, Nexus & More


Corre leader Wade Barrett was interviewed this week by Philadelphia radio host Brian Soscia. You can listen to an audio clip of the interview at MixPhiladelphia.com. Here are some highlights of what the former bare-knuckle boxer said about:

Why “Corre” Has Two R’s: “Corre Spelling: “We sent Heath Slater to the place to register trademarks and Heath isn’t the best at spelling. Then, we were set with Corre with two r’s.”

Nexus’s Debut: “We went through it that day exactly what we were going to do. We didn’t realize the kind of impact it would have,” he said. “We didn’t appreciate how it would look to the fans seeing the ring torn down. We knew it would be big, but we didn’t anticipate the reaction it would get.”

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Rumors Of Him vs. Undertaker at WM27: “That’s not the case. I’ve had people Tweeting those rumors. I’ve certainly not heard that (from WWE). At the moment, certainly nothing has been organized,” Barrett said, while also indicating he would gladly accept the match if it were offered to him.”

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(Source: MixPhiladelphia.com)