Backstage Update On WWE Talent Being Upset With Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn


As we’ve noted, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home from WWE‘s European tour last week after a taping of SmackDown Live in Manchester, England. After Zayn’s loss to Kofi Kingston on SmackDown it was reported that Owens and Zayn went against a creative decision and instead “went into business for themselves.” Owens and Zayn returned to work this past Tuesday for SmackDown Live’s taping in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Per a report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon planned for Owens to attack Kofi Kingston after defeating Zayn, before Big E and Xavier Woods hit the ring to beat the pair down for the save. Owens and Zayn would then run off before facing The New Day in a Tag Team match the following week. Everything went according to plan, except Owens and Zayn didn’t stay in the ring to receive their beatdown from The New Day.

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WWE officials yelled at Zayn and Owens backstage before sending them home. One version of the story going around labeled the entire incident a huge misunderstanding, and Owens and Zayn actually did what they believed they were told to do. Those claims have been heavily shot down by some people, and the common belief amongst talent backstage is that Zayn and Owens went into business for themselves.

This could also help explain Owens’ recent Twitter beef with Randy Orton. A fan Tweeted about getting married in Epcot back on November 11th, and since Owens was taking his family there the same day he decided to stop in and surprise the fan during his wedding reception. The groom of the wedding sent out a Tweet about meeting Owens for dessert at his wedding, to which Owens responded that it was nice meeting him and wished him well in his new marriage. Randy Orton saw this and responded with another shot at Owens’ weight, and it all escalated to a rather personal level from there: