Batista Talking To Vince McMahon About WWE Return


Since leaving WWE in 2014, after a short return, Batista has made a big name for himself in Hollywood.  Starring in Guardians of the Galaxy, James Bond, Blade Runner, he has created a successful alternative career.

However, Batista recently featured on The Ross Report and explained that he has been in direct talks with Vince McMahon about returning to a full-time role in WWE, including house shows.

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While some may consider this fantastic news, others have suggested that WWE has an age problem that wouldn’t be helped by the returning veteran.  But the last time Batista appeared in 2014, he helped showcase younger talent, in the form of Daniel Bryan, and many are keen to see him do the same with the current rising stars of RAW and SmackDown Live.

The fact that he wants to work fulltime in WWE is an extremely positive endorsement for the company, especially considering the amount of money he would be making in Hollywood as Drax in the upcoming Avengers movie.  Furthermore, Batista wouldn’t be able to return in full capacity before the end of any contracted Marvel, or other movie, requirements. shows no future films of his in pre-production, and only 1 is listed as currently being filmed: IP Man: Cheung Tin Chi.  Once he has completed all press related duties, he would be a free agent within Hollywood, leaving him open to returning to WWE after May 2018.

Perhaps SummerSlam?