Big Cass On Missing Upcoming WrestleMania


Big Cass was on the verge of receiving a singles push when he suffered a knee injury back in August this year. He is expected to stay on the shelf for at least 9 months which means he’ll be forced to miss the upcoming WrestleMania 34 event.

During a recent interview with Sun Herald, Cass discussed missing the 34th edition of the Show Of Shows Among other things. Below are some of the highlights from his interview:

Missing WrestleMania:

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“It’s very frustrating to miss WrestleMania, It’s very disappointing. I was on quite a roll at the time. The night I got hurt, during a commercial break, I cut a promo and loaded up to the fans. It felt good to have the fans boo me.”

Splitting up with Enzo Amore:

“Enzo and I came up in the system together and busted our butts for many years, we hit a major reception in NXT, but it tapered off at live events in WWE. We both knew it was the right time to split up.”

Taking advice from the likes of Triple H and Undertaker:

Triple H, Reigns, Cena and the Undertaker are people who I usually go to for advice, These are people who I respect and I take whatever advice they give me.”

His relationship with Carmella:

“It’s tough because we’re on different brands, I’m on Raw, she’s on Smackdown. It’s real difficult, but we make it work.”