WWE Mae Young Competitor Featured by Mainstream UK Media


WWE Mae Young Tournament competitor Piper Niven/Viper was recently featured by the BBC as part of the promotion for ICW’s upcoming Fear & Loathing X event in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 26 year old star, best known for her work in ICW as well as the short lived reboot of World of Sport talks at length about the career thus far and how she gets “hit like the big boys.” Here are some of the highlights:

On her initial training: “The way I was brought up in wrestling was that you train with the boys, you’re one of the boys, and you’ll get hit like one of the boys. If I was constantly pandered or treated differently then I definitely wouldn’t be here today.”

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On gender equality in wrestlng: “People will say things like ‘it’s such a good woman’s match’ – why is it not just a good match? I hate that. Sometimes you’re segregated in a way. If you’re going to put in the work and break the mould, you can be a good wrestler”.

On the cancellation of World of Sport: “I was utterly devastated. It was one of the worst days of my life, To have it all come crashing down was so hard.”

On performing as part of the Mae Young Classic: “It was amazing just being there. It was great, seeing everything and how high-class it was.”

On her proud Scottish heritage and ICW:  “It should be important to everyone to be proud of where they come from. Scottish wrestling is huge at the moment, I think it has some of the best wrestling in the world. I’m quite proud of my heritage. It [ICW] really is my home. It’s where my friends are, it’s the place I’ve come back to, it’s the place that grounds me.”

You can check out the feature in full via the tweet below: