Wade Barrett Reveals The WWE Locker Room’s Reaction To The Nexus Debut


Former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett was recently a guest on the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast to discuss several professional wrestling topics. During the interview Barrett discussed the debut of his Nexus stable on the June 7th, 2010 episode of RAW; which includes the reaction from people backstage afterwards, and how they were treated differently following their debut. Here are the highlights:

How the locker room reacted to The Nexus debut:

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“But then when we got to the back, we were kind of given a standing ovation by the locker room and all the guys that were working there and people were kind of blown away by what they’d seen. Then they started showing replays of crowd reactions and stuff and that’s when it started to sink in that, ‘Woah, this was pretty big’ and then we realized afterwards, ‘Wow’, you know for us as young wrestlers, we’ve put up and taken down rings a million times by that point. That’s kind of part the breaking into the business, that’s what you have to do, you put up the ring, you know what it looks like when it’s taken apart”

How much different they were treated afterwards:

“Yeah, that was a really cool thing because up until that point, we’d kind of been treated as second-class citizens really and that’s not to knock anybody on the roster for doing that. We’d been put in that position, we’d been treated as rookies because that was just the nature of how we were breaking in there, so we weren’t even allowed in the locker room at that point.

“We had to change in corridors and stuff like that, so to come to the back and have these people actually show us that respect and say ‘Hey, you guys are going to go somewhere with this’, that was really cool and it was a huge weight off our shoulders and to be honest with you, all 8 of us that were in The Nexus at that point, we’d all scratched and clawed for years in Independent Wrestling, getting beat up, driving 300 miles to be paid £30, which wouldn’t even cover your petrol money and we’d all fought really hard to get to that point.

“It almost felt like a huge weight off our shoulders that no matter what happened here, we have now made a mark in the world of professional wrestling. We didn’t know where it was going to go from there, we could’ve been fired in four weeks anyway, who knew, but at least we will always have this thing that we have managed to achieve in this company that we grew up loving and wanting to be a part of”

You can listen to Barrett’s interview on the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast by clicking here.