Killer Kross On Whether Jon Moxley’s WWE Bashing Affect His Desire To Work There


Killer Kross talks about his Impact Status and more

Jon Moxley painted a bleak picture about his experience working for WWE during his appearance on Chris Jericho‘s Talk Is Jericho podcast. More recently Moxley has said it felt like Vince McMahon was hovering over him while he was in the ring. He also says his WWE career was in the toilet by the end of his run.

So, how does this affect the perception of other wrestlers who have dreamed of wrestling for WWE? Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross recently spoke with WrestlingInc and commented on whether or not Moxley bashing WWE has affected his desire to work for them.

“No, it doesn’t, because I have to walk my own path, take on opportunities in life and roll the dice to see if you can succeed,” he said. “I 100% believe, and I’m not saying this from an egocentric place. I believe any company that I work in no matter what the circumstances are, I’m going to excel, I think that any door that I’m going to walk through, I’m going to have enough in my hands that I’m going to be able to get what I personally need out of it which is a sense of fulfillment.”

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Kross continued by saying he’d still consider working with WWE (or any other company) because he likes the idea of being challenged and working through all different types of conditions.

Other topics discussed include Kross’ issues with Impact management and how long he expects to continue working for them. You can listen to his comments below.