Dean Malenko Talks About Getting AEW Roster Ready For TV


Former WWE agent Dean Malenko has discussed getting the All Elite Wrestling roster ready for TV ahead of their TNT debut on October 2nd.

Dean Malenko officially brought his skills and knowledge to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) when he signed with the company back in May.

With AEW on the cusp of their TNT debut in October, Malenko opened up about how he has been preparing AEW talent for television during an appearance at Starrcast III.

“I think a lot of my experience will help Cody out and help a lot of these young guys get adjusted to TV,” Malenko said. “TV is a whole different animal than when you’re doing live events. It’s a beautiful luxury that you don’t have commercials built into them where TV you do, so your matches are chopped up a little bit.”

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The former WWE agent explained that his job is to help coach AEW wrestlers. In particular, he wanted them to understand the balance between in-ring action and downtime for commercials:

“You got a guy in there dealing with time because you have a span you have to reach when you’re doing an 8 to 10 show, you have to be off the air at a certain time. I’m here to help these guys learn how to do that, instruct them on the best way to do that and get over. And try to get them recognized with this new audience that’s coming up.”

AEW’s television show will debut on TNT on October 2nd.

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.