Big Cass Discusses Feuding With Daniel Bryan, Admits He Is Closely Watching AEW


Big Cass (CazXL) has spoken about his time feuding with Daniel Bryan, shared his dream match opponent, and admitted he has watched everything AEW has done.

Before the incident that took place at WrestlePro last Saturday night, Big Cass sat down for an interview with Wrestling Inc., where he spoke about feuding with Daniel Bryan, wanting a dream match against Roman Reigns, and All Elite Wrestling’s forthcoming debut on TNT.

“Working with him was absolutely amazing,” Cass said about working with Daniel Bryan. “We would call barely anything in the back, and we’d go out for house shows in the main event, and I was really nervous, and he was really calm, and he was like, ‘No, we’re gonna call [the match] out there.’ We would go like 25 to 30 minutes of nothing called except the finishing sequence. He would just walk me through and guide me through the entire match. While it was happening, I was like, ‘This guy is the best in the world. No one can touch him.’ He made me comfortable out there to the point where I could walk through a match with him, twenty minutes without anything called, and just be confident in what I was doing. He is the man.”

Dream Match & Keeping Up With AEW

Cass once said his ultimate dream match would be a WrestleMania clash against Roman Reigns. Given that he is no longer a part of WWE, however, he’s unsure if he’ll ever get another chance against the Big Dog.

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“It’s definitely a dream match [to go against Roman Reigns],” Cass explained. “I just don’t know if it’s feasible depending on where I go or what he does; I don’t know what his situation is. I don’t know if it’s feasible, but we shall see.”

He then explained how he has been watching everything AEW has done so far. Cass added he is excited for AEW‘s debut on October 2nd, saying that the promotion has put out an amazing product so far.