Court Bauer Talks MLW Talent Working For AEW


Court Bauer recently addressed the relationship between MLW and AEW.

MLW‘s Court Bauer recently struck a deal with AEW to allow Tony Shiavone to work for both promotions. Several MLW contracted talents, including Maxwell Jacob Friedman, work for both companies. Bauer appeared on the WINCLY podcast recently and spoke about the future of some of MLW‘s roster as AEW‘s TV begins in the fall.

“There’s this misnomer that it’s like Cinderella at midnight and things are gonna automatically change when [AEW] go on TV. That’s not the case because we have pre-existing contracts and the guys that are with us are for the duration of those contracts. At that point we’ll have a conversation on if we continue to work with them or they go their separate ways,” Bauer said during the interview.

“But it’s not gonna just happen overnight where October X you’re gonna be only on that show. They have pre-existing contracts with us.”

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In addition to MJF, Jimmy Havoc is also with MLW and AEW.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest to find ways to work things out rather than to flex and be all ego-driven,” he continued. “Then it just escalates things and usually it’s a negative outcome. I try to approach things more holistically and pragmatically to try and find a solution where everyone can win.”

The full interview can be listened to in the player below: