Details On Maria Kanellis Pregnancy Storyline


WWE is reportedly wanting to extend the Maria Kanellis pregnancy storyline, playing it as a running joke rather than a storyline.

WWE intends to add a few more twists and turns to their current storyline revolving around who the father is of Maria’s baby, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The idea is to draw out the revelation of who the father is, playing up the mystery angle of the story for ratings.

Maria Kanellis is currently 20 weeks pregnant. She revealed that she and her husband, Mike Kanellis, are expecting a baby boy. This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW saw her claim that Ricochet is the father to her unborn child. Ricochet insisted that Maria was lying, which she admitted after Mike suffered a loss to Ricochet in a matchup.

After the match, Maria would berate Mike Kanellis as he sat dejected on the ring apron. Maria would then go on to tease who the real father of her baby is, with Rusev’s music hitting signalling his return. Rusev then destroyed Mike in his second squash match of the night.

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At the time of writing, there is no information as to who WWE will eventually name as the father. It’s reported that it won’t be Rusev. It’s alleged that the baby storyline will be portrayed more like a running joke rather than a serious storyline.