Killer Kross Discusses His Problems With Impact Wrestling


Killer Kross has spoken

There have been reports about Killer Kross and Impact Wrestling being at odds. Now, Kross has spoken out on his issues with Impact as he did so during an interview with Brian Fritz of Sporting News. 

Kross asked for his release from the promotion in front of the public. He also asked for the release of his partner Scarlett Bordeaux, which Impact granted hers. Since then, she has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center where she received a tryout.

He noted that the issues began last year regarding merchandising and can’t go into much detail but noted that he hopes they can be resolved as quickly as possible. 

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“I’ve actually made it abundantly clear that I have not been interested in going into litigation. I’m not interested in going down that road. I’ve been trying for many, many, many months. I’ve been exhausting all options on how to fix this situation. There’s an attorney involved and we’re not suing anyone.”

Kross noted that he has nothing to worry about in this situation as he’s not in the wrong and is just trying to hollow his lane. He has everything documented and done nothing wrong.

He wishes he would be met with that by Impact because he thinks there’s only one right thing to do here and it’s not being done.

Kross was asked why he thinks his girlfriend and others were released but not him. This is something hard for him to say because he doesn’t want to say anything bad about Impact. He stated that people are looking into this and they’re reading between the lines. 

Update On Killer Kross/Impact Situation

“Just looking at it, what do people think? It’s difficult for me to address.”

Dave Meltzer has reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the conflict between the two sides might be impacting Kross’ bookings with AAA as well.

According to the report, Kross was offered a guaranteed contract of $40,000 a year for limited dates and he would be able to take other bookings as well.