Killer Kross Gives His Thoughts On AEW


Killer Kross spoke to Chris Van Vliet about AEW and more.

Killer Kross is still officially a member of the Impact Wrestling roster, albeit not an active one. Kross sat down with journalist Chris Van Vliet recently and spoke about AEW, his influences in wrestling, and his love of horror films.

During the interview, Kross gave his thoughts on AEW.

“I watched the AEW show live in Vegas and I’m not saying this because I think I’m supposed to say it, in all sincerity, I was really blown away by it because there was just a different energy to the show, in a good way,” Kross said during the interview.

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He continued to talk about the impact that the match between Cody vs Dustin had on the live crowd that night.

“There was like people literally weeping in the audience; Cody vs Dustin. You can’t orchestrate that, that’s not something you can preplan. Putting things together you can’t be like ‘and at this point the audience is going to cry.’ That was amazing to actually be around, I don’t think I’ve been at a wrestling event in the audience where that’s happened. It was just awesome.” 

Killer Kross Interview Highlights

Kross also commented on the possibility that he could end up in AEW someday.

“I think with the direction that they’re going in with TNT and I think that with the flexibility that I’ve heard they are offering creatively, I definitely think there are some things that I could do there and creatively get out that it just might not fly elsewhere. But ultimately I’m not married to go in any specific direction for any company right now, it’s even difficult to think about, it’s stressful to think about just because of the other things that are associated with it.” 

Kross also mentioned that he feels confident he’d be able to develop his character in other promotions as well.

“I’m in a place right now where I feel like it won’t really matter where I go, I’m going to be able to do what I’m doing in any way shape or form. I’ve hit a really cool peak creatively with things, I know how to lay things out differently so it will work on any platform. People haven’t seen me do that yet and there’s a reason why, because I’m saving it for perhaps a direction that I finally go in.”

The full interview with Chris Van Vliet can be viewed in the player below: